Stylist achieves that her clients love their gray hair and look stylish


For a long time, gray hair or the slight appearance of gray in growth was associated with old age or with a careless person who simply did not pay attention to their physical appearance, an idea that some stylists, the world of fashion and the culture of beauty have been commissioned to eradicate little by little.

One of the hair professionals who is in charge of turning their clients’ gray hairs into incredible makeovers so that women not only save money, but also accept themselves as they are, is Jack Martín, an American hairstylist specializing in colorimetry who, For a few years, it went viral on networks for dyeing the hair of its clients with gray hair gray.

Through his Instagram and Facebook accounts, this famous colorist has taken it upon himself to show the power and beauty that gray hair can be in men, but, above all, in women, who are the most punished for it. the dictatorship of beauty, since there is no client who does not leave satisfied wearing her hair and gray hair naturally.

In order for women to stop worrying about touching up their hair every 15 days and under the idea of seeing gray hair from another perspective, with his work, Jack Martin has ensured that his clients love their natural hair without feeling old, but, above all, with style. If you don’t believe us, he takes a look at the photos of women satisfied with the work of the stylist who works magic with gray hair.

1. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to get gray hair

2. Or if you have a lot of growth and a dark complexion

3. You can have two different shades in your hair

4. And even three different shades

5. The result will be an incredible platinum

6. The length of your hair does not matter

7. Or as short as it is

8. If you have it curly

9. or if it’s too straight

10. Jack Martin will make it look amazing

11. You will have greater self-esteem

12. You will achieve a perfect silver

13. Even a gray with various shades

14. You can combine your gray hair with gray tones

15. and even dark, you will love the result


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