Gray Hair Woman: Dyed or Natural, Here are The Trends of The Year

Gray Hair Woman

Natural gray hair, long, short or medium. Here are the 2019 trends and tricks to make the most of the shades of gray.

Call them as well as silver hair or metallic hair or simply gray hair the substance does not change, however, know that among the color trends also come back the new gray colors in different shades on the hair, medium and new short cuts.

Bringing gray hair looked like just one of the many fashions of the moment a few years ago, but no: now there is now someone over 50 years has decided not to dye her hair anymore and she casually brings natural grays like teaches the beautiful model over Regina Burton.

But there are those who opt for a new silver color relying on the best haircolorist, who show how working with new coloring techniques a shade of gray can become elegant and fascinating as for example this gray titanium work of the famous Guy Tang.

From platinum gray to natural hair to smoke hair we see between color and cut how and what are the new ways to bring a new gray color on the head regardless of age.

2019 Gray Hair: trends

There are about 30 shades of gray among these there is also silver, for example this color created by the halls Schwarzkopf on a medium cut plays on the contrasts of silver with oil-colored strands, thus dramatizing the classic gray.

Lilac base is smooth silver hair with a line at the center to better bring out the color.

Next to the silver canopy there is the smokey hair trend that is smoke, the ash color that, thanks to the lighter shades of color on the tips, creates a pleasant contrast.

Also all shades of silver hair are very popular with balayage and ombré on a smoke base and platinum lengths that create the blond hair effect. That’s how.

With a nice gray base you can create many new hair colors, beautiful is this silver on the smooth bob proposed by Schwarzkopf and obtained with a mixture mixed with purple.

Balayage and ombre instead ruin and give light to dark gray hair (or if you prefer smoke hair) as show some salons in New York.

It’s a silver balayage this of the photo on medium-long wavy hair, obtained with the color of Redken.

Those with long hair (or extensions) can create individually colored locks with temporary hair colors.

Short and medium gray hair

The gray, trendy hairstyles are not just long, many aim at a short silver cut or on the classic smooth yoke so fashionable now. The final effect is definitely better.

Here is a nice short bob and a gray tint with tone-on-tone shades. Here, this is the right cut but also the shade of gray more suitable for those with a natural gray foliage.

Among the gray platinum short hair stand out the new cuts like this short back with long gray strands in front.

But there are also short gray hair scaled like this new cut in layers with shades of colors in light lilac tones and platinum base.

Now you know that the gray hair trend is never over there are new colors to revive the natural grays as well as new ways to wear silver hair, however avoid the do it yourself if you want a silver hair and entrusted to a good hairdresser. Remember, however, that gray hair to be beautiful must be shiny and need a lot of care in addition to a make-up makeup with the most appropriate make-up to avoid looking older.


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