Gray hair man: trends, colors and shades of 2019

Gray Hair Man

Styles and trends of gray man hair. From the shorts to the longest, we see the best cuts and nuances for men and boys.

It’s gray mania! We all know that the hair changes color thickness and become gray with age, however, among the trend hair color 2019 there are just gray hair. Yes, you got it right … gray pleases because it gives charm to men of all ages.

It does not matter how old you are, choose a cut suitable for your hair natural salt and pepper or find in this guide the silver tone best suited to you if you intend to embrace the trend of gray hair of the moment.

Short gray middle man’s hair

The cut with the high shade and the short side tuft very fashionable at this time is also fine on silver hair and creates a pleasant contrast with the dark beard and eye color. Gray goes particularly well with short haircuts.

If you are over 50 years old and you’re lucky enough to have a thick silver foliage, this classic short cut faded to the sides with a deliberately unkempt lock of hair gives you a decidedly younger look.

For style men who like to wear straight and combed hair, nothing better than a great classic: line and tuft with wave, perhaps inspired by the cut and hairstyle of Michael Douglas in the film The American President. This is a hairstyle that always comes back in fashion, but needs to be managed with the comb and suitable hair products.

The short wavy hair with the side nuance instead creates a beautiful and youthful look. Of course, the shabby-style beard, in this case makes the difference.

This is a medium length cut, smooth and smooth, the gray hair here has a tuft backwards and is a deliberately unkempt hairstyle. To manage a hair so just use a little modeling wax or a styling spray.

When the hair is fine or if the age of 50 is over, the coiling begins, a very short cut at the sides is the best solution.

The side line and the shade with the long sideburn give a fresh and tidy look to the fine and sparse hair. Here in the picture the talented 64-year-old actor Massimo Ghini.

As taught by 58-year-old Nick Wooster, the symbol of masculine elegance on Instagram and always present in every man’s fashion week starting from Pitti, hispter style hair is also good for mature men. The important thing in this case is that hair shaves are always very well kept.

Of course, men are not all the same, the right haircut reflects the personality and there are also those who show off their natural gray hair as if they had dried their hair with a towel after a shower. Guess who it is? Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world after Bezos and probably also among the most disheveled men in the world, but that’s okay…

And finally, how can we forget Roberto Baggio, one of the Italian soccer players left in the hearts of many fans, today the Robby Nazionale has gray and white hair with unkempt curls.

Gray hair man cuts long and medium long

The long hair gives middle-aged men a special charm especially with a trendy cut like this Pompadour combed to the side.

Always current for those with gray wavy hair is a cut like the one that brings Richard Gere with the long silver hair behind the nape.

The elegance and style of luck never go out of fashion, and even if the wavy and long hair is not easy to handle at home, no one forbids to wear a deliberately scruffy hairstyle like this one of the over model: Aiden Brady

At 72, the English designer Paul Smith does not give up his long hair. This is a type of cut that needs styling spray products if you want a tidy foliage.

Gray hair boys: styles and trends

The trend of silver or gray is not neglected by young men and boys, naturally it is dyed hair with fashionable hairstyles as we see in this image. This is a shaved bowl cut on the sides and the nape.

In this photo, instead, you can see the classic example of a silver gray dye on the short cut.

This is instead a type of gray with darker shades of salt and pepper hair effect, the cut as seen on the sides is very short while on the top of the head the blur is natural.

The trend gray hair man has just begun and looks set to continue, whatever type of hair you have remembered that you always have to choose a shampoo that makes the hair shiny and seemingly healthy gray, the matte gray in fact is not good for anyone.

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