Goodbye fantasy colors! Natural hair tones 2019

Natural hair tones 2019

If you want to reinvent your hair, but you’re not one of the bold girls who wear bright colors like blue, pink or silvery blonde, this is the perfect trend for you: Hygge hair. Its name comes from a Scandinavian word without translation. Hygge means a state of comfort and warmth that gives coexistence and shared well-being. The style can be called cozy hair.

The goal is for your hair to look warm and reflect the love for the simple things in life. This is achieved with lights of brown and coppery tones; It is a versatile color because it adapts to any hair color.

Warm tones on your hair

Missed lights illuminating your hair

The Hygge involves multiple shadows

If you are brown you will be chocolate and cinnamon tones

You can also go from chestnut to golden

For blondes, golds and caramel

Dark cherry and copper for redheads

It’s a kind of faded ombre

The lights are more uniform and natural

The best thing is that it requires little maintenance

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