Girl hairstyles for party, ceremony or wedding

Hairstyles for party

Hairstyles for girls can be very diverse because the texture and length of hair in small ones is as diverse as in large ones. Usually, smaller girls have soft, finer hair, while larger ones mostly have a thicker texture and more hair.

You have to keep in mind that girls’ hair, especially the smallest ones, is very delicate, so your treatment should be as smooth and natural as possible. Below we show you many ideas and photos, suitable for parties, weddings or ceremonies.

Hairstyles with small pigtails

It is not necessary to be too ostentatious with the hairstyles for the little ones, these should be as are the children, natural, simple, beautiful. And for this reason, mothers will love this beautiful way of combing a girl for a party.

Resorting to small pigtails and transparent gummies is increasingly popular as it is one of the easiest ways to create beautiful hairstyles. In the image above, we see how small pigtails that form a beautiful design intersect. Just look at the images to form an idea of the amount of hairstyles that can be achieved with that simple technique.

In this photo you can clearly see how in addition, through small rings, you can achieve a party style.

A long mane is not required, just enough hair to make small pigtails, and some gummies to tie them. Like all hairstyles for the little ones and for big girls, you have to learn, and the best way to achieve it is precisely by rehearsing. So we will have to deal with the collaboration of the little girl to try this hairstyle until it comes out perfect.


A semi-picked hairstyle is a classic on certain occasions such as weddings, ceremonies, parties or any very special occasion. The headbands are a very popular complement, as are the flowers, and they are perfect to decorate this type of hairstyles.


They are also a classic, and they look lovely on girls dressed in ceremony.


Braids are fashionable, and allow you to create very varied hairstyles. You can decorate the braids or the hairstyle in general with beautifully colored ribbons or artificial flowers. It is a quick and beautiful solution for girls.

As girls grow up, they want to look more like teenagers than babies. A modern hairstyle with a tang braid can be a great choice for an elegant event.

Small side braids are very fashionable and are a good choice.

A lateral French braid can help you form an elegant low bun.

It can be a braid hairstyle and collected as the one in the first image or a crown braid like the one in the following image. You have to observe them and they will verify that they are easy to achieve.

Semi-picked hairstyles like the one in the image above, they have no complications and they always look good taking advantage of the girl’s long hair. Picked up and with a braided bun, beautiful and very cute for the little girl in the house.

With curls

For naturally curly hair, you can use products that mark the curls. It is much easier to comb your hair with these products and it will also look much healthier, without having to apply heat. Girls’ hair is very sensitive to the heat of a curling iron or iron.

You can use a wide-toothed comb to comb, do not use a brush and apply the shine spray when your hair is still wet. Be sure to apply this product away from the roots but the hair will look oily. If you want more defined curls, you can use tubes when the hair is still wet and let dry. You can apply a little fixative or lacquer, but very little.

If you want to do a hairstyle with curls and the girl has straight hair, you can apply tubes and let dry or use a curling iron not very hot. The curls will look loose but very pretty. Girls love curls, and allow you a variety of hairstyles, loose, collected or semi-picked. You can decorate them with flowers, tiaras or ribbons.

Straight hair

If the hair is straight and you do not want curls, you can apply a product for this type of hair and give it a blow with the dryer and brush, to give it a more polished appearance. You can also use a wide variety of accessories to decorate the hair.

Hairstyles with accessories

We also wanted to present you different proposals in hairstyles with accessories, which really cover very varied styles.

Being all ideal proposals for our girls to feel the princess of their own fairy tales, and best of all, they can be achieved without too much effort, since these accessories do most of the work, even when accompanying the simplest hairstyles .

As you will also see, within these proposals we can choose both semi-picked or collected, since there is a huge variety of options for girls to flaunt their loose hair, and there is also a huge variety of proposals that bet on different formats of bows and collected.

The truth is that most of the charm comes from the hand of ties, headbands and small flowers, in addition to the huge variety of simple and elaborate brooches that the market offers us.


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