Frizzy hair: 10 tips and natural remedies

Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair, here are some tips and natural remedies to discipline them and to soften them. The frizzy hair is usually not well defined, even after the shampoo always seem untidy. Only styling by the hairdresser seems to give the desired effect, at least for a few hours. But then here is the humidity, ready to ruin everything.

How to take care of frizzy hair? Some suggestions for you.

1) Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is one of the easiest and most effective remedies to have on hand to keep frizzy hair at bay. You can buy aloe gel in herbal medicine and use it as if it were a normal hair gel, with the advantage of choosing a product as natural as possible. In fact, the quality aloe vera gel contains only the bare minimum of preservatives to make the product lasting. Alternatively, there are those who prefer to directly derive the gel from the aloe leaves of the seedlings that they grow. To you the choice.

2) Linseed gel

Another well-known natural alternative to commercial hair gel that many use to keep frizzy hair at bay is represented by flax seed gel. The basic recipe for flax seed gel simply uses this ingredient combined with simple tap water, but additions, such as essential oils, infusion of chamomile or avocado oil are possible. Here all the recipes to prepare flax seed gel at home.

3) Microfibre turban

Sometimes the problem of frizzy hair is accentuated because of the drying method, because of the heat and the blow of hot air the hair can appear even more swollen and frizzy. In this case it may be useful to avoid the hair dryer from time to time and try to let the hair dry naturally, perhaps with the help of a comfortable high absorbent microfibre turban.

4) Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil is a widely used ingredient in the formulation of eco-hair products. For a shock treatment that disciplines the most rebellious hair you can buy herbal medicine directly from wheat germ oil to use on the head of hair for a pre-shampoo wrap to leave for a long time, even a couple of hours or during night, to get softer and shiny hair.

5) Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil is emollient, nourishing and elastic. It is useful not only for body care, but also for hair. With sweet almond oil, in case of frizzy hair, you can make simple compresses on the hair before shampooing or use it in small quantities to regulate and polish them dry.

6) Rinsing with apple vinegar

Those who use eco-friendly shampoos free of silicones for hair care may find themselves, at least initially, to fight against frizzy hair. To solve the problem it is advisable to rinse slightly acid after shampooing, diluting in a liter of water a tablespoon of apple vinegar.

7) Ecological balsam

There are now many ecological products for hair made with natural ingredients and from organic farming suitable for both frizzy hair and dry, damaged or brittle hair. You can easily find a conditioner or a mask with a good INCI suitable for frizzy hair in herbal medicine shops and natural products.

8) Coconut oil pack

Coconut oil is especially indicated for frizzy and dry hair, as it softens and polishes them. Coconut oil that you can buy in herbal medicine or on the internet becomes solid in winter or kept in a cool place. In this case you can place the container in a bowl of hot water so that the coconut oil returns to the liquid. You can use liquid coconut oil for pre-shampoo compresses and solidified coconut oil (with a consistency similar to shea butter) as if it were a modeling wax to regulate hair.

9) Shea butter

Another help to regulate frizzy hair is shea butter. You can easily use it this way. Take a very small amount of shea butter from the container with the tip of a teaspoon, heat the shea butter rubbing it between the palms of the hands and apply it by massaging the hair on the critical points. You can also make shea butter packs on the tips before shampooing.

10) Karkadè spray

Bring to a boil 250 ml of water, pour 1 tablespoon of karkadè for infusions (dried hibiscus flowers to buy in herbal medicine) and let it rest until the liquid is cooled. Filter and add 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar. Pour into a spray container that will help you apply the compress to your hair. Leave for an hour and then go to the shampoo.


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