French helmet: 5 new Parisian style cuts. Winter 2019

French helmet

The French helmet is among the new cuts of autumn winter 2019 2020. Take inspiration from here to change your look!

Short, medium-long with a smooth or wavy tuft the French bob is one of the hair fashion trends of winter 2019 2020. Here’s how the carré cut for winter changes.

There are different ways to carry a French helmet, there is the short one, the smooth one and the medium long one, moved, curly or disheveled. For each face shape there is a different type of cut and a different styling. Let’s see what the 5 cuts of hair to the Parisian that are in fashion for autumn winter 2019.

Headband with bangs between hair trends 2019

One of the best reinterpretations of the classic French cut for autumn and winter is this carré with bangs on a blonde head with Californian balayage. Here as you can see the hair has a length under the chin. This is a paro cut for donating volume and creating a slight scaling. To complete the hairstyle, a cream and hands are enough to give the movement effect, very trendy for winter hair

Headband with side row

For a head in perfect Parisian style and for those with thick, sturdy hair, the idea may be to opt for a graphic cut with a side stripe that gives a very chic look. This carré created by Christine Margossian salons, is the new medium-short smooth bob for autumn winter 2019 2020.

Long carre with tuft

This is the medium long cut probably easier to wear. The long tuft allows you to vary the stiling easily even at home, and to have straight or wavy hair depending on the occasion. For a fold as well as this, all you need is a plate to be in order, and of course a well done haircut.

And when you want to change, you can also comb your hair back as you see in the image.

Retro style hair autumn winter 2019 2020

Medium wavy hair in a retro style with intense and warm auburn colors are protagonists among the new mid-winter cuts. Undoubtedly among the best proposals is the hairstyle created during New York Fashion week by hair stylist Renato Campora for the American actress Zoey Deutch.

The short carre cut

A revisitation in the glam rock style of the short bob with a side stripe, is enhanced by a deliberately informal styling on dark brown hair enriched with tone-on-tone reflections. This is the proposal of the Parisian salons of Camille Albane.

These are the new ideas for the French helmet 2020, having said that it is good to point out that although it is a very trendy cut it is not said that it is good for all, which is why trusting in the hands of a good hairdresser will be the wisest choice to do first to cut the hair. In the meantime, you can take a look at the new trends in women hair on the our website.


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