French braids: here’s how to make them

French Braids

How to make French braids: useful tips to avoid mistakes and show off a trendy hairstyle

If you asked yourself how to make French braids to make the magnificent personalized hairstyles you see on fashion magazines, you’re in the right place. Even if you do not have great dexterity, know that it’s not difficult at all, even if it seems like something complicated how to make the braids boxer braids.

By learning the basic technique you can create various hairstyles with long or medium hair braids, but also on short hair. With this technique you can make a multitude of different hairstyles: with small changes you can create new ones every day. Let’s find out the steps to make the French braid.

How to make French braid?

Let’s try to understand how the French braid is made. What is needed is:

  • A comb,
  • a hair clip,
  • a thin rubber band,
  • of lacquer or foam.

The hair must be well brushed and without knots.

  1. With the help of a brush, start by dividing a little hair (7-10 cm wide) into three strands on the top of the head: begin to weave as if you were a classic braid.
  2. The side lock (alternatively) should be brought to the center. After a couple of laps, add more hair taken laterally to the lock before bringing it to the center, first on one side and then on the other. The more thin the locks are added, the more intricate and elegant the braid, but the longer the process.
  3. Hand in hand you will have to include all the hair: finish the hair to be included, continue with the normal braid and close it a few centimeters from the end with a rubber band. The game is done.

Customize the hairstyle

Just a little ‘imagination to make this hairstyle elegant, even for brides and bridesmaids that can add some accessories.

Developing the braid centrally if you want to create hairstyles with braids for long hair, you can wrap the braid part dangling behind the head by collecting it in a bun. The end will be hidden and fixed with a hairpin under the “onion” to make it invisible. The same can be done by developing two braids sideways, bringing them together in the middle.

By developing the side French braid, a sort of crown is created. This hairstyle is extremely romantic, perfect with some tiara or flower even for weddings or to give a touch of class to your look.

These braids are also suitable for short hair: just insert a few more hairpins and a little ‘hairspray to keep it all.


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