FreeTheSilver: the movement that encourages women to be proud of their gray hair


In today’s era, beauty standards continue to evolve. In the past, only men had the prerogative of the charm of gray hair. With their “salt and pepper” look, it was said that they increased their charisma and sex appeal. Conversely, feminine gray manes were relegated to the ranks of old age and decrepitude. Yes, but that was before…

The good news is that many women are starting to revolt by breaking stereotypes and deconstructing the dictates of youthism. Now, tired of being slaves to excessive coloring, they have decided to embrace the grayness, proudly showing off their silver hair.

The #FreeTheSilver movement continues to grow

Yes, women are now taking power by following a trend that has been making a lot of noise for several years. In the same vein as #bodypositive, the hashtag #FreeTheSilver is gaining ground. In addition to fostering self-acceptance, many are choosing to forgo artificial dyes in the name of a natural lifestyle. Gray hair is now seen as a symbol of maturity and wisdom, in addition to being aesthetic.

In pictures, discover an anthology of silver hairstyles, enhancing natural feminine beauty

Thanks to this movement which emerged on social networks, we now advocate natural beauty and self-confidence. An overall reassuring development which proves that women are no longer afraid to show themselves as they are, with freshness and audacity. Check out some of these stylish women who proudly show off their gray hair.


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