Frayed Bangs: How to Make It and Who Is Well


The frayed bangs gives originality to the hair, a jaunty and gritty touch to long or short hair, without sacrificing elegance. Who’s all right? How is it done and what are the cuts that lend themselves most to this type of bangs?

The frayed bangs is certainly not lacking in a cheeky and light hair: on long, medium / short, curly or smooth hair it always gives a touch of originality. Who has never worn the short or long bangs at least once in their lives? It never goes out of fashion and the ways to do it are many: from the most regular and straight to the most paraded and almost as long as a tuft. The bangs is able to give women a more sexy and sparkling air, it is also ideal for certain hairstyles. The perfect bangs for all is the one that reaches the eyebrows and, faded on the tips, it can easily be worn even as a slightly fancy tuft.

Certainly, the non-regular bangs is part of a less classic hair styling than usual, but gritty, but still refined, so in some ways it can also be a sign of the character of the person who wears it. Another important detail is its comfort over time: practical and comfortable to manage, which is why it is often chosen by women.

Light, practical and fanciful, but how does the bangs show and who is doing well? Does it fit all or is it better for some types of face and hair?

Frayed Bangs: How Do You Do It?

In order to achieve a perfect bangs, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of the face, but also to the type of hair and the cut that is worn. Your hairdresser will be able to adjust the length and the length that suits you. For the most practical, it can also be done at home: to avoid the risk of making mistakes, it is advisable to contact your hair stylist.

It can be cut on dry hair, but it is preferable to act on damp hair. First wash the hair and dab it leaving it quite wet. Comb the whole hair and remove any knots, separate the hair into three parts: two side and one central, which is the one you are going to cut. Take the central lock between the index and middle fingers and twist it on itself, leaving a few centimeters of hair free. With the scissors cut the lock obliquely, scaling it. Comb with care and divide it into two parts: first remove the tips first on one side then on the other with a vertical movement. Any errors can be corrected after they have dried their hair.

The Most Suitable Cuts

What are the haircuts that fit best? This type of tuft surely matches many cuts from long to short ones, but with some it is particularly good for you. Without a doubt, the slit bangs is perfect for short cuts, especially the pixies on straight hair, to which it is able to give a mischievous touch.

Even for those with long, straight hair, more classic hair, this bangs gives movement (even to those with little hair) and enhances the face. Beautiful also the effect that is obtained on a long or medium cut and scaled both smooth and moved. Still, good results can be achieved on long curly hair, but it will be important to give a smooth bangs to the bangs.

Who Is The Prayed Bangs Well?

The bangs paraded is good for everyone. What matters is to give it the right length and the perfect pull-out based on the shape of the face. If the latter is long and narrow it will be ideal, but it will go straight and not climbed. For women who instead have a round face, you can opt for a central, tufted tuft and more side tufts, so that you can dampen the round effect and make the face shape softer. The result is also very beautiful on the oval faces.

In short, this type of bangs is good for every type of face, changing at the limit a little the way in which it is cut. The jaunty, youthful but still elegant effect is always assured.

Compared to other types of bangs it is more comfortable to wear, less demanding, and even over time it is easy to handle. When you get bored you can grow and being like a tuft does not create hair problems. It is important to have the necessary tools to keep it in order: a round brush of medium diameter surely can be useful.


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