10 Hairstyles that go well with your unruly and formless bangs

Formless bangs

The bangs looks fabulous, but after a few months, when it finally grew and you don’t want to cut it again, it becomes a real torture. It becomes rebellious and combing it from one side or another is impossible.

Fortunately there are hundreds of ideas that can help you comb your hair and make it look amazing. Here are 10 hairstyles to placate your rebel bangs.

Fasten it with clasps at the sides

A headband is the most chic accessory

If it is very rebellious, hold it in braids

Kendall Jenner set him free and accompanied him with a bug

Combing it as a curtain will make it grow faster

Add a scarf to pick it up back

A half ponytail will give you a youthful style

Apply the technique of separating it as in the 90’s

A braid headband to hide it

Two braids on the sides will make you look very pretty


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