Forget the balayage! Cinnamon sugar hair is the trend of the season

Cinnamon sugar hair

The balayage is loved by girls who like to change their look without mistreating their hair. But there is a new trend in color that will change your mind.

The cinnamon sugar tone, inspired by the cinnamon cereal (popular in the United States), is the new trend of the season. It does not require constant retouching or expensive procedures.

Kristina Cheeseman, technique in colorimetry, is the creator of this new trend and explained that her goal is to achieve “a beautiful color, but that required minimal maintenance”, so she chose a combination of natural and cold tones.

It is designed for women who can not or do not want to go constantly to the beauty salon for a touch-up and, therefore, need to maintain the tone of their hair for up to six weeks.

To obtain the tone cinnamon sugar, Cheeseman used babylights to dye small strands with shades of ash and brown that give shine and an almost natural appearance.

There is no doubt that this is the trend we so badly needed.

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