For fairy hair: Co-Wash Technique


It is becoming a real craze among the passionate. It is an absolutely natural way to wash your hair, leaving it soft, clean and soft for many days

Frequent shampoos in the long run can damage our hair. Having a shiny, soft and fragrant hair for us women is synonymous with charm and pure instrument of seduction. Imagine how you can mischievously play with a strand of crisp and dry hair? Absolutely not. To give our hair a “fairy effect”, it is sufficient to do a conditioner-only wash once a week.

An absolutely natural technique, the cowash consists in replacing the classic shampoo, a conditioner that does not contain silicones (it is more delicate and cleans better, just read the label) with the addition of some ingredients. In a cup, pour a tablespoon of brown sugar, one of white sugar and the balsam, enough for your hair. Stir just before using it so as not to melt the sugar too much.

Massage the scalp and hair for a long time (at least a quarter of an hour) with the mask until you “feel” the sugar and finally rinse thoroughly. This scrub perfectly cleanses hair making it easy to comb, super fragrant and clean for days. If you want to dare, for an even sweeter head, add a teaspoon of honey. The result is assured, nobody will be able to resist you.



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