Fashion hair styling 2019-2020: long, medium, short hair

Hair styling 2019 2020

Every woman who wants it even during the week, the days of work has a very attractive and beautiful appearance. Help designers and stylists around the world. Develop, improve and introduce new hairstyles and hair styling. For a certain type of haircut, there is no particular, the number of stylish hair styling in 2019-2020 year.

It should be noted that the inability to properly spoil your hair style throughout the look. Some people choose their favorite styling and try on yourself, but in the end, it’s not suitable for their haircut. Therefore, it is important to know all the nuances and understand.

Pro hair styling 2019-2020 for circumflex accent haircuts
In this haircut, the holder of the insertion point is not limited in the choice of hair styling. Often on the catwalks can be found:

Wavy Hollywood curls;

Straight hair;

Collected hair;

Curly hair.

To ensure the correct installation in 2019-2020, designers use a little bit of foam, which is applied to the hair roots, withdrawn by about two centimeters. This allows to make the style slightly raised at the roots and the hair a dimensional aspect. To fix the hair sbrazhivaetsya paint.

The classic type of hairstyle is considered the insertion point

Some barbers in new pilings used to set the hair and curls, in soft fleece, their roots, but it is important not to overdo it, otherwise you risk making things worse and ruining the whole image as a whole. The fleece should only be slightly perceptible and only to the hair roots. Fix the styling, also through the use of nail polish. The paint used in small quantities, otherwise, if you overdo it, your hair will look greasy and boring.

Pro hair styling 2019-2020 with a high tail

At the shows of 2019-2020 year saw a variety of hairstyles with high ponytails that can be decorated completely different accessories.

So high-tailed designers used these accessories this year:

With fur. In the new season, you can see many different accessories with artificial and natural fur. Colors may be different, there are no restrictions. In this choice you can only rely on your wishes and fantasies. But it must also be remembered that the image must be harmonious, with luminous stones. Designers often choose accessories with natural stones. But also a beautiful look and hair jewelry with fake stones. The main point is the right combination of general garments. The image must be feminine and completed; With ribbons. Often it is possible to find bands of hair that adorn the circles, or simply tied with multi-colored ribbon tail. They can also be decorated with stones of other colors and with beads.

Trend for the creation of stylish hairstyles in the form of sterile has not changed. You can do the classic type of haircut is to lift your hair and stab it in a high ponytail. This type of hairstyle, most commonly found in fashion shows. Hair gathered on the head, and adorned with plain or rubber, or ultra-trendy, bright clasp. The main rule of creating this hairstyle is not to make the tail very high, otherwise you will have the appearance of a ponytail child that mothers do for their children. It is not possible to pin the elastic is too low, it does not create the desired impression of elegance, but it will only ruin the general appearance.

The tail is back in fashion

Attention can be paid to Gucci. The designers used medium-height queues. It can be seen that the model separations are made exactly in the middle, they are smooth and straight. Such stacking can be done, with wavy hair, and perfectly smooth.

About the hair styling volume 2019-2020

With the amount previously requested the bouffant is placed only at the roots of hairdressers now, it has broadened the horizons, and used the volume of fine hair. Such styling perfect for any length of hair and any hairstyle, except too short as a hedgehog.

The hairdressers volume create using the following types of hairstyles:




The Volume at the roots of designers to create with the help of special cosmetics. Before applying the foam, retreating from the root of the hair by three inches, dry the hair with a hair dryer, lifting the roots, then a light, airy, pile, which is only slightly visible, and to fix the styling with nail polish . Thus, you can keep your haircut for a long period of time.

The volume should be natural

Important rules you need to know:

It is important not to overdo the application of special materials, always clean the hair. Also, the hair had volume, use shampoos and conditioners; it is important not to overdo the battery. Using wooden combs will help.

For the mass of stowage must respect the rule is to take a PISOLINO so that the hair is not tangled, and lie flat, otherwise you can create an image, not a modern fashion, like previous years, when it was fashionable to raise hair as much as possible. Very often these batteries were confused and seemed boring.

About the 2019-2020 hair bow

Designers is small, cute bows, jewelry, and big bows for the whole length of hair, decoration with stones and all kinds of accessories. The main rule of creating the kind of straight hair styling, or no bow does not work. To do this, barbers use a pad. First, align the hair and then nakalyautsya in a narrow tail in the selected position. It could be, on the one hand, and in the center. So using the pins and the second chewing gum is the hair bow.

Bow-shaped styling that can be done for owners of all hair lengths

At the end of the pose, his record of strong paint. Also you cannot forget that it is necessary to wash away the chemicals from the hair that have always been healthy, and not to dry. At the bow you can do from behind, in the form of an imitation, hair clips and the upper part, to collect all the hair together. You can even make a cute little bow on the side.

Pro hair styling cascade haircut 2019-2020

From the waterfall cut has a different length, the designer to experiment with a comb-over bangs, as of side, from behind, and to do so smoothly slipped.

In this fashion season I am waterfall clipper styling:

With wavy curls; easy to style hair; stabbed in the back in a small bun of hair, remaining hair down to the shoulders.

Fashion waterfall in any shape

This type of can be found among famous people. On the catwalks is more common styling with side swept bangs, slight volume near the roots and carelessly stacked curls that fall on the shoulders.

Pro hair styling 2019-2020 in Greek style

For such packaging must have at least the hair on the shoulders, as an important element of this style is that it is necessary to show the beauty of the hair. These hairstyles make girls feminine and attractive. For decoration designers use different accessories with bright stones, sophisticated hoops and hair bands of different colors.

The Greek is in fashion, not the first year, and continues to be on display again

Often slightly wavy hair rise on the back and nakalyautsya below. Even made a sloppy side braid, or in the simplest version – wavy hair decorated with a ribbon. Nakalyautsya hair carelessly, the roots have been slightly raised. The main rule of this style is that the hair must be moved and decorated with beautiful accessories along the length of the hair, and only around the head.


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