Fashion hair dye 2019-2020: the most modern hair color


The beautiful color of the hair, selected harmoniously by the style of the clothes and the type of appearance, as well as in combination with a fashionable haircut, can express the mood better, express the inner world of beautiful and lovely women .

The hair coloring fashionable in the 2019-2020 season is not very different from the hair coloring of previous seasons, although it has its own characteristics. The main dyeing trend 2019-2020 is a smooth and natural color transition from one shade to another and the absence of separate highlighted filaments.

The fashionable coloration implies a uniform hair tone with a smooth transition of color tones, creating a beautiful coloring effect on all the strands of hair, without putting a special emphasis on the individual strands.

Depending on the chosen dyeing technique, you can get a different color style and effect on your hair, from bright and intense dyeing colors to soft and delicate color tones.

The stylists offer fashionable dyeing 2019-2020, presented in the technique of ombre and somber, balayazh, shatush, bebilayts, natural blonde and pink, ashen, metallic dyeing and other popular types of hair dye for women.

For the bravest girls, it presents the hair dye to fashion, which imitates the sunset, the space “hair of galaxies”, the artistic dyeing of the hair, which repeats famous paintings in the color palette.

The fashionable colors of this season will allow you to look stylish, allowing you to create fashionable images for the office, for every day. And for special cases.

We offer you a selection of photos: fashionable hair colors 2019-2020, original ideas for dyeing hair, about which you can get more information later.

Fashionable hair coloring: ombre and sombre

Hair dyeing and shading is very popular and many girls and women have managed to try fashion dyeing on their own hair.

Since the main trend of 2019-2020 in coloration is naturalness and naturalness, then the coloration of shade and shadow corresponds fully to it.

Coloring ombre and sombre are similar not only in name, but also in the result obtained in the hair: a beautiful gradient of color is best seen in wavy hair with a beautiful and elegant haircut.

The most fashionable hair coloring: white blonde 2019-2020 year

The most modern and current hair color of this season is white blond. The blonde’s cool tone is suitable for blond-haired girls, but not for brunettes, for whom white blond will be extremely difficult to achieve the desired color.

To keep a longer blond tint in your hair for longer, you should take care of your hair properly and carefully.

Coloring the white blond will give your look freshness and novelty, emphasizing and highlighting the facial features, focusing on the eyes. But not all girls face the fashion of white blond dyeing. The best of all the hair color to the fashion of the white blonde girls with a kind of light color.

Fashionable hair color 2019-2020: metallic dyeing

Metallic dyeing is unusual and will undoubtedly attract attention and interest. The color of fashionable metallic hair has different shades, popular this season: pink, blue and gray.

A distinctive feature of this hair coloring is an incredible shine in your hair, which looks very pretty and elegant.

Hair dye 2019-2020: pink blonde

Another type of blond, popular and relevant in the 2019-2020 season, is a pink blonde, which looks soft and cute, giving an image of softness.

The trendy blond hair color is desirable in blond hair to obtain the desired and necessary tone. In addition, pink blonde coloration requires careful hair care.

Original hair dye 2019-2020: darkened hair roots

The fashion trend in hair coloring this season are the darkened roots, which create a smooth transition effect from a dark shade of hair at the roots to the color of the main hair.

The elegant dyeing of hair with dark roots is quite unusual, it is applied in different shades of hair and many fashionable women have managed to attract attention this season.

Original ideas for hair dye 2019-2020: photos, trends, new hair dye


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