Fall protection treatments for weak and stressed hair

Fall protection for hair

Do you feel weak and brittle hair? Do you seem to be losing too many lately? Find out what could be the causes and hair loss treatments you can do at the hairdresser.

There are very many factors that cause hair loss and weakening. Stress and other conditions lead to a gradual thinning of the hair that could fall. When the first signs of stress and weakening are found, it is better to run for cover by looking for the cause and acting to reinvigorate them. The easiest step is to go to the hairdresser and ask for professional advice. Let’s see what are the main causes of hair loss.

What is hair loss?

Every day we lose hair, the fall itself is a physiological factor. You will notice a greater loss towards the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. Normally they fall between 70 and 100 hairs a day. If your average is always the same, don’t worry. You could undergo treatments like oxygen therapy to feed them and make them more beautiful and shiny. If, on the other hand, they seem increasingly weakened, weak and you notice a significant increase in hair loss, contact your hairdresser immediately. He will tell you the most suitable hair loss treatment.

The most common causes

  • inheritance: it is the most common cause. The possibility of inheriting the gene is 4 out of 7. Both parents can transmit it. The first signs appear in adolescence.
  • hormonal imbalances: they occur mainly in women. The effect can be a thinning and thinning of the hair.
  • psycho-physical stress: all kinds of damage are attributed to stress. In fact it can also greatly weaken the hair. If you are capable, try to avoid it.
  • thyroid disease: people with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism often experience hair loss
  • unbalanced diet: a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and iron contributes to healthy hair. Eating badly could lead to iron and protein deficiencies, which cause a temporary hair loss.
  • little sleep: little sleep and at wrong times can lead to hair loss. Respect the normal circadian rhythm to strengthen them and make them grow again.
  • excessive exposure to sun and salt: the sun ages the skin and hair. The skin protects itself a little more thanks to sunscreens and the natural production of melanin. The hair does not produce it and is more exposed to damage. Sunlight induces a photo-oxidation mechanism that accelerates hair loss.
  • aggressive treatments: some dyes, such as balayage, aggressive bleaching and plaque can weaken the hair root, causing temporary thinning.
  • pollution: smog damages skin and hair. It increases the free radicals that attack the follicle and make it fall. Even fine particles are harmful: by depositing on the cuticle they damage the stem.
  • age: natural aging can in some cases lead to hair loss.

Hair-loss treatments at the hairdresser’s

The hairdresser not only offers cut, fold and color, but also treatments to strengthen the hair. The change of season and periods of stress are the moments in which you have to take care of yourself. Professional hair loss treatments give new energy starting from the root, nourishing it, and giving strength and shine to the entire structure. Then opt for a scaled cut, which will give movement and shine to your hair, or rely on the expensive old extensions to make them look longer.

Professional hair treatments

Trichology offers a solution to combat hair loss. It consists of capillary biostimulation. If the follicle is still viable, the treatment is effective. Revitalizes the bulb, slows the fall and promotes the growth of new hair. It is better to intervene early, the sooner the better. If you notice an unusual thinning of hair, contact a professional immediately.

Oxygen therapy for brittle hair

The new oxygen treatment strengthens the hair by penetrating deep into the stem, revitalizing the still alive follicle and giving it new strength. Prevents fall. Search for hairdressers qualified for treatment. In order to offer the service, the hairdresser must take a course and be qualified by the local health authority.

Fall hair filler

The fillers fight the 5 signs of hair aging: opacity, change in structure, dryness, fragility and change in density to the touch. They nourish the hair making it more dense to the touch and more beautiful to the eye.

Keratin treatments

Keratin forms the essential structure of the hair, therefore keratin treatment is an excellent anti-hair loss remedy, but care must be taken with the product that is applied. Make sure it is actually keratin based. The microfibres adhere to the skin and hair throughout the length. You will notice an almost immediate thickening. One application is not enough, you will have to submit to more sessions. Get your trusted hairdresser to advise you based on your hair. Keratin is often used as a hair loss treatment for men, more prone to hair loss, but is also perfect for women. It is not sufficient in case of advanced baldness.

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Collagen reconstruction

Collagen fills the hair in depth, repairs its structure and revitalizes the damaged part. Treatments with natural collagen and chemical synthesis are available on the market. I personally prefer natural collagen, but ask your hairdresser for advice on personalized treatment. Know that the result may vary from person to person.

Treatments with hyaluronic acid

In recent years hyaluronic acid is also used as a reconstructive treatment. It acts on the dryness of the hair, invigorating it and facilitating growth. The lifting effect is proven. The hairdresser will apply the serum on each lock. During the laying the acid goes to fill the hair. You will see the result immediately: the hair will be more full-bodied and hydrated. It is often necessary to do more sessions after one month for greater effectiveness.

Hot and cold hair reconstruction

Some of the treatments I have just listed can be done hot or cold. Ask the hairdresser what is best for you. Hair-loss cures for hair will allow you to extend the hair’s average life, reduce hair loss and create new, stronger and healthier hair. Shampoo and conditioner alone are not enough, you will have to take care of your hair every day. Let’s see how.

How to take care of hair at home

Hair loss treatment at the hairdresser’s is essential to give new energy to your hair, but don’t forget that you need to adopt good habits to maintain the effect over time. You will strengthen them making them more beautiful and you will be better too.

  • eat well with a rich and varied diet: you will find Omega 3 in fish. They nourish and give strength to the hair. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. Take protein through eggs, beans, soy and some meat.
  • yes to the shampoo with zinc and vitamins: a specific anti-hair loss and delicate shampoo is ideal. It will clean the hair without attacking it and damaging it.
  • wash your hair with the right frequency: both washing your hair too often and too rarely can be harmful. Sebum protects them, but excess oil clogs the follicles and increases hair loss. How to do? Touch them. If they are oily, wash them with a specific shampoo.
  • reactivates the microcirculation: when washing, gently massage the scalp.
  • no to the hot and dry hair dryer: excessive heat stimulates sebum production. The plate burns and breaks the hair.
  • contact the hairdresser for coloring: avoid the do-it-yourself colors, especially on “complex” colors such as balayage. Your hairdresser will use the right product for you. To find out which treatment is best for you, contact your trusted hairdresser. Based on the state of your hair it will advise you on the best hair loss treatment.


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