Face shape and haircut: here’s how to enhance it!

Haircuts for face shape

Choosing a haircut based on the shape of your face allows you to enhance your profile and features

When it comes to choosing one’s own haircut, the shape of the face is the most important feature to consider, followed immediately by personality and physique.

Only by choosing the right cut can you resize and divert attention from sharp edges and balance proportions. The perfect cut must then be accompanied by the care for the hairstyle and the right color, like the blond in all its trendy shades; this is why the somatic features have a significant importance in the choice.

So let’s see what are the main forms of the face and which haircuts are best suited to each type. In any case, before deciding to change your look radically, get your trusted hair stylist to help you know how to understand the right haircut for you!

Oval face

The cut for hair with long or oval face allows different solutions. If you have this face shape then you can dare and experiment with the most constructed hairstyles, avoiding sharp and very short cuts that could cause an annoying optical effect such as facial lengthening. Choose a scaled cut or dare with a long and moving cut, in this way you will create a frame for your face with linear and regular features.

Square face

The ideal cut for those with this characteristic is a scaled and irregular cut, which goes against the angular corners and the important jaw. The ideal are cuts that need a tuft that, by covering part of the forehead, make it less visible, making sure that the defect is not accentuated.

The geometric cuts are banned and leave room for scaled cuts that create movement, so go ahead with waves, curly and fake disheveled. A permanent idea is also excellent, provided it is done by a trusted professional who knows how to create a beautiful blur without ruining your hair.

Heart shape

Full, voluminous and rough cut. The ideal cut for this type of face must encompass these three characteristics. The goal is to fill the facial area with the chin, and dampen the attention to the important cheekbones.

Choose this cut and accompany it with a half-length, a full and voluminous bob is ideal for an everyday look. Dare with a semi-collected for a ‘hairstyle to remember, try to keep a fake disheveled so as not to focus attention to important details of the face. A light bangs or a side tuft are perfect to hide and minimize the broad forehead.

Round face

The secret to proceed with a perfect cut for all those women who have a round face is verticality. Contrasting the shape of the face with a severe and structured cut allows a round face to look thinner. Even irregular cuts are to be taken into consideration, the basic rule is to create geometric contrasts.

Does your cut not satisfy you? No fear! The remedies exist!

If it is true that for every problem there is at least one solution, it is equally true that sometimes we women are really stubborn. Often we fix ourselves on a cut without listening in any way to the advice of our hair stylist, receiving in return a “I told you so!”

If you too, see a cut that emphasizes the qualities of a star and you want to shine in the same way but don’t have the same features, don’t despair!
If you can’t afford an equal cut, choose a similar cut that enhances your physical characteristics and maybe plays with colors. You can bet on strong, natural or reflective tones, choosing for example to do a balayage. If you don’t want to risk ruining your hair with permanent dyes, try henna or natural coloring products.

Let yourself be advised by your hairdresser and remember that there is the perfect cut for everyone, your expert hairdresser’s eyes will explain the “why yes and why not” of the hairstyle based on the face.

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