Elegant hairstyle for short hair that adds volume

hairstyle for short hair

For thin hair looked more dense and lush, you can look for the services of an experienced hairdresser, who chooses the most suitable hairstyle according to the type of person.

Hair cutting for short hair, adding volume is the most suitable solution for women. Hair is natural, density and volume.

To adapt the short body haircut

Short hair is always convenient because you do not need to spend much time in the mirror styling their braids. Furthermore, there is now a great variety of haircut options. However, be aware that they are not for everyone.

Short haircut is not for everyone.

Many stylists believe that the short haircut that will look good, fat and fat women, because this hairstyle visually shrinks the face, the neck seems longer.

Owners exquisite face and slender body too short and voluminous hair, which will complement the feminine look with the girls.

If a woman has decided to make her short hairstyle, she should know that the result will increase the focus on her face and eyes. The skin must be clean, impeccable, clear oval face, only in this case, the hairstyle will be perfect.

It should not be short haircut for women with short neck or broad shoulders, since these faults only need to be stressed.

The advantages and disadvantages of haircuts for short hair

The correct appearance of a girl or a woman always depends on the correct choice of hairstyle. Therefore, implementing haircuts for short hair which gives beautiful volume, it is necessary to trust only expert and professional hairdresser.

The advantages of short haircuts are as follows:

Hair very quickly and easy to wash, comb and dry. This hairstyle visually rejuvenates. You can wear beautiful earrings that will be clearly visible. Hair style of hair in different ways, using various tools. In the summer, with hair like this really not hot.

But short haircuts there are drawbacks:

Not all and not for the face. Before going to sleep the hair must be dry hair dryer. There is a risk of falling into the hands of inept hairdressers who are simply doing their job badly, but to wait until the hair strands to grow again, it will be long. Less is the hairstyle, most of the time you will have to adjust, because when you pile up, do not look very nice. Owners of rebellious hair will be difficult to get them.

It’s worth mentioning that short haircuts are easy, but wait until the spit is still long and it will not be easy.

Fashionable mass of haircuts for short hair

Modern women often do not have enough time to look beautiful and shiny. Therefore, the best solution for hair is a short haircut does not require a great deal of time and effort to put curls in a beautiful hairstyle.


One of the most interesting haircuts for short hair that gives attractive volume is a pixie. This hairstyle is equally good for straight and curly hair, many consider it boyish.


For the typical pixie shorter than the hair at the temples and the nape, compared to the upper part. The main advantage of pixie is the maximum ease of installation, which requires a small amount of time, there is no need to use a hair dryer or iron.

This hairstyle looks good with bangs, as with the long and short side

The pixie there are several options for each type of person.

It is important to know! Do not be so hard with haircut for owners of curly hair, as it is very problematic to give a nice shape to this hairstyle.

Classic Bob

The most common haircut among all age groups of women is a Bob classic, which is appropriate for any hair structure. So, you can cut your hair, girls with curly hair and straight strands, but also it does not matter the density of your hair.

Classic Bob

Many people confuse the Bob with the plain Bob, but they have some differences. Bob is different because he has not clearly defined division, and the hair distributed over the entire head evenly. Bob is also characterized by the presence of a volume on the neck, the neck must remain open.

The main advantage of the Bob is no need for stacking, if the haircut was made according to the rules.


The Bob Haircut is more versatile hairstyle that is suitable for everyone, without exception, because there are many different options.


A Bob is considered one of the types of haircuts for short hair. Its characteristic advantage is that it is a good excessively round face mask with very wide cheekbones.

Frangette here is a bar, and it should be the same length, with the front, wires.


Another option is timeless and for all ages, Bob-Bob haircuts. This hairstyle is equally suitable for serious ladies, and for young girls.


This hairstyle for short hair that adds volume, characterized by the absence of clear rules for its implementation, so you can improvise and are fantasy, based on the characteristics of the face.

Bob-Bob is something of a cross between the normal and usual Bob insertion point, so the back of his hair should be shorter in front of strands.

This hairstyle involves bangs. This hairstyle is perfect if the hairstyle in accordance with the contour of the cheekbones.

Traditional Kare

Kare is a classic hairstyle, which is characterized by clear lines and the same length of hair. Despite the fact that this hairstyle is short, then the neck remains closed. The circumflex accent can be with the bangs, without it.


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