Double tips and damaged hair: causes and natural remedies that really work

Natural Remedies for Hair

Double tips, a hair problem that in many cases becomes a real crusade. But why are they formed? What are the most common causes and what to do to prevent them and fight them without having to cut the hair too much? Here are some proven natural remedies that can come in handy.

The split ends, inestetismo also known as tricoptilosi, are structural alterations of the hair. With time, the cuticle that surrounds the hair shaft flakes causing deterioration of the hair itself. The latter will be presented with the forked terminal part which will give the entire head a worn, opaque, dry and fragile appearance. But what are the causes?

  • Chemical treatments: they represent the main cause of split ends. Colorations, discolorations, permanent and sunstrokes seriously compromise the health of our hair. Try to always opt for natural and less aggressive treatments possible.
  • Styling: excessive heat is one of the first causes that can compromise the integrity of the hair shaft. When using hairdryer, curling iron or plate set a medium-low temperature. It is good to avoid the daily use of the plate and
    of the curling iron since they favor the formation of split ends. In addition, the exaggerated and too vigorous use of the brush frees the hair further deteriorating it.
  • Frequent washing: washing the hair often, especially with poor products, puts a strain on the integrity of the hair promoting the formation of split ends.
  • UV rays: excessive exposure to sunlight or tanning lamps promotes the formation of split ends. Always protect your hair with specific hair products, naturally preferring natural ones!
    Chlorine and saltiness: both are enemies for the health of our hair. After a nice swim in the pool or at the sea, rinse your hair to reduce the absorption of these substances.
  • Lifestyle: unbalanced diet and cigarette smoke help to weaken the hair. The weakening of the hair shaft is the main risk factor for the establishment of this unsightly phenomenon.

Natural remedies for split ends

If the split ends torment your hair to such a point as to make the whole hair brittle and opaque it is useless to say that the best remedy is without a doubt … the tick! Unfortunately, when the problem becomes excessively visible, the simple sprinkling will no longer be enough and it will be necessary to resort to rather “drastic” cuts.

However, if the hair is not yet completely invaded by split ends it is possible to put in place effective natural remedies to avoid recurring after the cut. Let’s find out together some remedies to treat, nourish and pamper our hair in a totally green!

Natural masks and compresses

An excellent remedy to overcome the problem of split ends are definitely the masks for do-it-yourself hair: nourishing, moisturizing and emollient. You can prepare them comfortably at home using only natural ingredients and a thousand beneficial properties. The mask should be applied to dry hair, before washing, and left on for about 30 to 40 minutes.
But which ingredients to use?

  • Shea butter: substance with extraordinary benefits! It boasts many properties that make it most likely the most used ingredient in natural cosmetics. It nourishes, soothes, softens, hydrates, heals and decongests.
  • Vegetable oils: vegetable oils such as almond, olive, coconut, jojoba or flax are excellent for their emollient, softening, elasticizing, soothing and nourishing properties.
  • Whole white yoghurt: rich in nutrients useful to ensure proper hydration and proper nourishment to the hair. Helps to repair dry and damaged hair.
  • Egg: rich source of protein, the egg is a super tonic and polishing for brittle hair. Excellent even when used as a shampoo … the famous grandma’s remedy!
  • Honey: it has remarkable moisturizing properties, besides vitamins and mineral salts. Its composition and consistency ensure vigor, strength and protection to the hair.

Shea butter

For the properties described above, shea butter is also excellent when applied alone. Simply take a small amount of butter and heat it between your fingers. Subsequently, once melted, apply it directly on the tips and lengths. Keep it in place for at least 1-2 hours and then rinse. Thanks to its rich and rich composition, the hair fiber will be nourished deep… split ends will not escape!

DIY Avocado Cream

Avocado is an exotic fruit containing many vitamins, fats and nutrients. Reason why it is particularly suitable for split ends. The preparation is very simple:

  • Crush the pulp until it becomes a puree
  • add 2 tablespoons of a vegetable oil to taste (almonds, olive, coconut, etc.).
  • Apply the cream obtained on the lengths and ends,
  • leave on for about 30 minutes
  • rinse with cold water.

Tonic based on olive oil

Thanks to its qualitative and quantitative composition, olive oil is one of the best allies to revitalize hair and fight split ends. Sprinkle it on tips and lengths, leaving on for 30 minutes. To prevent oil from leaking everywhere, cover your hair with a shower cap.

Do-it-yourself protective liquid crystals

Unfortunately, on the market the liquid crystals are composed of silicones that prevent the oxygenation of the hair. So why not create liquid crystal at home with a 100% green INCI?

Just take 30 ml of fractionated coconut oil and add 5 drops of rosemary essential oil (remineralizing) and 5 drops of lavender (polishing). Apply the mixture obtained on the tips that are dry or slightly moist. The entire crown will be nourished and very polished.

Neutral henna

Did you know that henna is not just for dyeing hair? The neutral henna, extracted from the Cassia Obovata plant, is a natural color without coloring (unlike the usual one).

Being neutral it is used for healing packs in order to strengthen weakened and weak hair. Why? Henna is able to bind to the cuticle of the hair giving it greater body and thickness. So it contrasts the split ends giving the hair softness and brightness, without altering its color.

Simply add a little henna to a jar of yogurt or half a glass of olive oil. Apply to hair and leave on for at least 60 minutes. This colorless tint should be performed at least once a month to achieve lasting results.

And do you know other natural remedies for split ends?

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