Do you want to revive the hair? All the shades for brown hair

shades for brown hair

Do you have brown hair and do not know how to revive it? Try these beautiful shades of coffee, caramel and chocolate for a trendy autumn look

Every woman holds a lot of her hair. Blonde, brunette, red, brunette: it does not matter the color. Every girl knows that to enhance her appearance she must be very careful about hair care. There are those who love them short, boyish, with bangs, loin, shoulder or long: there are many cuts available to choose from. And what about the color? If you like natural shades, here are the shades of brown hair to keep in mind in the color trends of autumn 2019.

The revenge of brown hair

At one time there were two categories in which the world was divided (also because of the nice rivalry): blondes and blackberries. Today, obviously it is not like that anymore. Thanks to the advent of beauties like Belen Rodriguez, Dakota Johnson and Kate Middleton, the natural look is more and more re-evaluated. How to revive your brown hair without giving too much to the artificiality? With these magnificent shades to request from your hairdresser.

Gradient coffee

Cold and deep, the coffee is good for those who already have a very dark root of hair. Even if you are clearer, however, you can get good results (but you must consider that you have to go to the hairdresser several times a year compared to a brunette). These particular shades for brown hair are good for those with a clear complexion because it creates a very nice contrast. Those with an olive complexion, on the other hand, should try to sweeten the coffee with a few bits of chocolate to soften the final result. With the coffee you should not underestimate even the cut of the hair suitable for the shape of the face. These should preferably be long, or shoulder height. It is a trick to bring out the color and the beautiful shades of brown hair better.

Gradient caramel

One of the most sought-after shades of brown hair is caramel. It was Belen Rodriguez who launched the fashion of this shade and even today – although the hairdressers have indulged in inventing many colors for all tastes – is among the most popular. The gradient caramel is perfect for those dull light brown hair that needs to be revived. Furthermore, thanks to the sweetness of its reflections, it matches very well with those who have slightly harsh features. It is required by blackberries who would like to be blonde but, given the dark complexion, they preferred not to dare.

Gradient chocolate

The gradient chocolate is one of those nuances for soft brown hair that is good for everyone. It is required both by girls with very light complexion and those with very dark complexions. It is a color that makes the face very sweet because it contains extremely warm shades inside. Sometimes it is also mixed with red for a more particular result and to give a rock and transgressive touch to a hair perhaps short and parade.

These are the classic shades that are made on brown hair, but the combinations that can be put in place by the hairdresser are really many. Depending on the result you want to achieve and your own features, in fact, you can mix different colors together. Do you still have any doubts? Ask your trusted hairdresser.


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