Do you want to forget about dandruff? Here are causes and effective remedies


Dandruff is a bothersome and unsightly annoyance. Here is what it presents, what are the causes and what are the effective methods to intervene and forget it

Having dandruff is a common problem for many people. It is also a particularly annoying disorder, not only due to the itchy scalp it causes, but also because the flakes that come off the skin often end up on clothes with a decidedly unsightly effect.

The causes of dandruff

If you have dandruff, the causes are the first thing to identify. Usually this problem can depend on several factors: stress, inadequate nutrition, dry scalp, too much sebum produced, frequent washing, or on the contrary too poor, use of wrong products, etc. However in almost all these cases the real culprit is a fungus, the Pityrosporum, which is often present on the scalp without creating problems. But when his presence intensifies, even for the causes listed above, the dandruff begins to appear.

More generally there are also other possible causes of dandruff:

  • Dry skin, responsible for dry dandruff, with the production of dehydrated and thin scales, which is accompanied by a sensation of itching of the head.
  • Oily skin, which causes so-called oily dandruff, with thick and oily scales. In these cases even the scalp tends to be fat. This type of dandruff depends on seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Psoriasis, an inflammatory condition of the skin, chronic, which leads to an accumulation of dead skin, which forms dandruff and concentrates, as well as on the scalp, especially on knees, elbows, hands and feet, forming visible white spots on the skin. This pathology causes an intense itchy scalp.
  • Contact dermatitis, a skin condition caused by a particular sensitivity to certain substances, contained in certain products for washing hair: this disorder is often accompanied by the appearance of dandruff.

Remedies for dandruff

To eradicate dandruff, remedies can be multiple. First of all we need to understand if it is an extemporaneous disorder that may depend on a particularly stressful period or a wrong diet. In these cases it will be enough to correct certain habits to heal and eat healthy. In other cases, it is a pathology that can be chronic and must therefore be treated with care.

In general, in the presence of dandruff the scalp should be washed with a mild shampoo, which reduces the sebum, or for more intense cases a specific shampoo for this disorder. In particular, when choosing the product, the active ingredient must be considered: there are those with pyrithone zinc, effective in reducing microbes and fungi that lodge on the scalp; there are those based on tar, which slow down the cell turnover; there are products with selenium sulfate, which, like tar, reduces cell turnover on the surface of the skin, and at the same time has a fungicidal action; there are those based on ketoconazole, a very effective antifungal agent.

If you do not want to resort to chemistry, you can choose instead of herbal products, such as chili extracts, essential oils of rosemary or eucalyptus, apple vinegar, or the famous Tea tree oil, also known to have remarkable antifungal and antiseptic properties.

Normally, remedies for dandruff should be used daily, at least until the trouble can be controlled. Subsequently, it can be used for three days a week.

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