Do you want healthy and strong hair? The 5 secrets not to be missed

Disney princess hair

Who doesn’t want Disney princess hair? Here are some simple tricks to keep them healthy, strong and shiny

Bright, silky, healthy and strong hair is the dream of many women (and men). There are those who, due to genes and DNA, find very thick and fluffy hair and those who must live with fragile hair, prone to break and form split ends. Unfortunately you can’t intervene on nature, but there are many ways to heal your hair and prevent it from getting ruined, showing that unpleasant crinkled and burnt texture.

To take care of your hair you need patience, perseverance and, unfortunately, you have to give up some treatments that, especially when it comes to delicate and fragile hairstyles, risk damaging them permanently. What to do to have strong and healthy hair? Here are 5 valid tips to safeguard your hair, making it strong and voluminous.

Do not bleach them

Discoloration is the main enemy of hair health. The oxygenation with high volumes literally “cooks” the hair, giving it an unhealthy and burnt appearance, in addition to favoring split ends, to the detriment of the shine and health of the hair. Those who want blond hair, or rather very blond hair, often resort to these techniques, from sunstrokes to shatush, but you have to be very careful to always bleach in respect of your hair and above all to know why the bleaching should be done only by the hairdresser.

In addition to relying on experienced hairdressers, who generally protect the hair before treatment, with specific products, it is necessary to avoid bleaching too often in any case. Better to rely on a shade, less glam but safer or, better still, a natural whitening like chamomile shampoo, which enhances light reflections.

Use masks

Masks, wraps and healing vials help the hair to withstand stress, nourishing it, hydrating it and freeing it from impurities. The masks for the canopy can be:

  • natural
  • industrial

Natural and DIY masks can also be made at home, mixing some ingredients. Here are some examples:

  • yogurt and honey mask to nourish
  • olive oil mask to hydrate
  • egg yolk mask to reinforce
  • mayonnaise mask to improve tone and shine
  • laurel mask to restore damaged hair

The industrial masks are found on the market, specific for each type of hair. There are those designed to restore damaged hair, those suitable for fine hair, those for oily or excessively dry hair. All that remains is to consult your hairdresser to understand which treatments are most suitable.

Do not wash them too often

There are those who think, erroneously, that by washing their hair continuously (and subjecting them to brushing, or styling) they grow healthier and stronger. Instead it is exactly the opposite. Just like a nice dress, or a lace blouse, the more hair they wash the more they ruin. Of course you can’t even avoid shampoo and conditioner, but the important thing is to understand the right washing frequency for your hair.

Who has dry hair, can limit the shampoo to once or twice a week, unlike those who have normal or fat and must intensify the washes. Obviously you must choose products that are as delicate as possible, with a neutral pH and without chemical ingredients, so as not to subject your hair to further stress. Never forget the balm, or better, the nourishing and detangling cream.

Cut off split ends

Many hairdressers and scissors are scary, especially if you want Rapunzel hair. Yet ticking one’s hair once a month or every two months helps to strengthen it and make it healthier and brighter. It is sufficient to lightly trim, one or two centimeters, to eliminate split ends (which are usually the most damaged part of the foliage).

The hair will grow healthier and stronger and, above all, free from split ends or from the unpleasant effect in which the comb fits at the end. Clearly, you need to choose a good haircut, which slightly starts and respects the chosen cut.

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What to eat to have strong and healthy hair

Even feeding is very important for having a dreamy hair. The first piece of advice, what all nutritionists and fitness and beauty experts give, is to hydrate. Drinking lots of water is a categorical imperative for health and also for the beauty of one’s hair. It is also necessary to take so many vitamins for hair, substances such as zinc, copper and iron, and foods rich in Omega3. Here are some examples:

  • Salmon
  • walnuts
  • carrots
  • Yogurt
  • eggs
  • Lentils
  • onions
  • Cucumbers
  • Seafood

For those wishing to accelerate the growth process, you can also take supplements for hair health such as biotin, based on zinc, iron, magnesium, vitamins A, B and C, proteins, Omega3.

Hair is an important resource, it is the mirror of the body and must show strength, vitality and shine. To take care of it better you need to avoid aggressive treatments, apply masks, drink lots of water and take supplements and vitamins.


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