Do you know how to tile hair well without ruining it?

how to tile hair

Having straight and shiny hair is the dream of many, even those who have curly hair. But how to choose the right hair straightener and how to iron it without ruining it?

Having perfectly straight hair, shiny, healthy and shiny is the dream of many women who, to achieve this goal, frequently resort to the use of specific products, treatments targeted by the hair stylist of confidence and use of the plate.

The plate, in itself is a very useful and effective tool to smooth the hair, as well as fast and cheap, but in the long run tends to ruin the hair drying and making them more fragile, this because it easily reaches high temperatures.

How to tile the hair without ruining it?

Who has curly or wavy hair and wants spaghetto effect hair, or who has hair that wrinkles easily at the slightest hint of moisture, despite the most suitable treatments for sea urchins, can not do without the plate and often uses it exaggerated ending to obtain the opposite effect to the desired one, that is singed and unmanageable hair. Much depends on the type of hair you have: the curly hair is undoubtedly the most difficult to smooth and avoid ruining it because the structure of the hair is difficult to tame, but with the necessary precautions you can tile any type of hair.

How to choose and use the plate in the correct way

To pluck the hair in the best way, avoiding to ruin it, it is very important to start right from the choice of the right plate.
Nowadays plates have evolved and become much safer and more technological, but this does not mean that it is easier to preserve the hair from the high temperatures to which it is subjected during the use of the plate.

The most advanced plate models are equipped with tourmaline dies and a system that allows to reach immediately the desired temperature keeping it unchanged for the duration of the stretch. Many also emit ions during their use, perfect for removing electricity from the hair and quickly ward off the hated frizz.

So to straighten the hair without damaging them you must first of all choose a technological plate and equipped with these basic elements to have straight and healthy hair. To tile the hair without damaging it, however, the way the plate is used is just as important.

First of all, the plate must always be used exclusively on perfectly dry and clean hair, if possible after shampooing and drying them well with the hair dryer.

Second very important thing is to brush the hair with the right brush before tiling them to avoid possible knots, passing the plate only once in the case of straight and thin hair; two or more times, but always without insisting too much not to burn them, in the case of more wavy and curly hair.

Products to protect hair from the plate: what to use

One of the basic rules when it comes to plating your hair without ruining it is to pre-use a specific thermoprotective product on the lengths. The thermoprotectors are essential to keep the hair healthy, but also for the success of the operation of using the plate because enriched with substances that, while protecting the hair from heat and facilitate styling, nourish them with vitamins and essential elements that make them smoother, shinier and brighter.

The products to protect hair from the plate are many: on the market are mainly products in the form of oil, often enriched with linseed and liquid crystals, but also with nourishing and regenerating substances such as biotin or keratin treatments.


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