Do you dream of curly hair? Here are the right treatments

Curly hair treatment

Do your curly hair always make that annoying frizzy effect? Ask a professional and follow a few simple rules that will help you take care of your curls and make them shiny

Curly hair is particularly difficult to tame. Often the locks are unruly and the split ends create an annoying “frizzy effect” that makes women seem always scruffy. How to solve the problem? A crown of this type needs special care. In fact, there are many treatments and professional products that allow you to get beautiful curly hair. The first step is to go to a good hairdresser, evaluate the state of the hair and figure out where to intervene, using anti-frizz treatments and treatments to get your hair back into shape after the summer, to define the curls, nourish them and not weigh them down.

Curly hair: because they are rebellious

Why are not sea urchins ever well defined? It is a question that is posed by so many women struggling with a rebel hair. The reason is very simple. The curls are not defined when the hair is frizzy and dry. If they tend to break and have split ends during drying they will tend to frizz. In addition, if we add to this the fact that moisture acts on curly hair and that often do not use the appropriate products, the damage is done.

Curly hair: the best products and treatments

Fortunately, the situation can be solved easily with the help of the hairdresser. Analyzing your hair, in fact, a professional in the field can immediately understand what is the problem of your curls and direct you to the right solution, as well as offering a good cut for curly hair.

The first thing to do is find the right products, especially the shampoo, which must be specific for dry hair, to hydrate the sea urchins and allow you to untangle them after washing without problems. As for the balsam, on the other hand, it is better to choose a nutritious but light formulation that does not weigh down the hair too much.

After washing, you must also think about the styling that is very important for those with curly hair. Here too a specific anti-frizz treatment is needed, which defines the curls in an impeccable way. Distribute it on the half lengths and on the tips still wet, then proceed to drying, directing the hair dryer from top to bottom. Finally, also use a serum, to moisturize the hair without going undress.

Curly hair: tips to take care of it

Taking care of curly hair is not a simple task, but if you use the right products with time, the hair will always be more beautiful. In addition to treatments to be performed in hairdressing salons, such as keratin or anti-frizz treatment, at home it is important to follow some good rules to preserve the health of the sea urchins and to prefer professional products recommended by an expert.

First of all it is essential not to wash your hair too often, risking to weaken it and increase frizz (and knots). Washing should be carried out no more than twice a week, with specific products. The same applies to drying, to be carried out by holding the hair dryer at a safe distance from the skin and always moving it from the root to the tips. Finally, even if you have knots, try not to brush your hair with too much energy, always using a lot of delicacy and untangling the hair with the help of specific oils.


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