DIY Hairstyles: 40 Tutorials to be done in a short time

DIY Hairstyles

Lots of quick and easy hairstyles by following our tutorials step by step. From the classic bun to the harvest with braids, different hairstyles to show off on any occasion.

Ceremony in sight? Or maybe you are simply looking for a simple hairstyle to show off every day to escape the banality and boredom of the usual hairstyles? Today we show you as many as 40 different hairstyles between crops and semi-crops, with all the instructions to make these quick hairstyles that enhance both the face and the look.

You can make each hairstyle yourself or have a friend help you. Classic, modern, vintage, here are the most beautiful hairstyles you can wear every day or for a special occasion!

Simple Hairstyle Collection

It takes two minutes to make this hairstyle very easy and beautiful. Ideal for long or medium length hair.

Simple Chignon with Torchon

In no time you can create a super cute chignon! It starts from a tail and then rolls up the hair creating torchon, each of which is wrapped around the tail and secured.

Double Braided Semi-harvested

Are you looking for quick and easy DIY hairstyles? This semi-harvest is very simple to make. After creating two side braids, cross them back and stop them with hairpins. If you want to add volume to the hair, push the hair up on top of the head with a tail comb.

Tail with knot

A very simple hairstyle that is not the usual ponytail. Here’s how to create this hairstyle with a knotted side tail in just a few minutes.

Beautiful Hairstyle for Short Hair

Even with a lob cut or a bob we can make beautiful hairstyles for short and medium hair. An example? Just create two Dutch braids on the sides of the garment and join them on the nape for a beautiful and practical hairstyle.

Banana Hairstyle

Comb for cotton, elastic to collect the hair in a low tail, hairpins to stop the hair and .. wooden sticks! Yes, the classic Asian cutlery is a valid help for the elegant banana hairdo, among the timeless DIY hairstyles for straight hair made famous by the 50s divas.

Double Braid Harvest

A DIY hairstyle for medium and long hair that takes inspiration from the practical boxer harvests, hence the name of this hairstyle: boxer braids. For a more romantic effect than the sporty crop, loosen the strands of braids and collect the final part on the nape.

Braid to Heart

It is usually included among the do-it-yourself hairstyles for girls, but this semi-harvest is also perfect for incurable romantic little ones.

Cascade braid

Ideal for those who do not like the classic braid collection, but simply use it as an ‘accessory’ to finish the hairstyle. This is one of the most practical DIY wedding hairstyles as it is elegant, original and can be achieved in just a few minutes. If you encounter any difficulties, try to follow our video tutorial to create a four-strand cascade braid.

Tail with Elastics

An alternative to the classic tail. It is one of the do-it-yourself hairstyles for long hair because a good length is needed to achieve as many weaves as possible.

Chignon with lateral bow

Starting from a high tail, a chignon is created leaving a tuft free, which will then become the decorative bow of our hairstyle.

Butterfly braid

Do you like butterflies? Try to make one on your hair by following this photo tutorial! You can also follow the video on how to make a butterfly braid.

Harvest with Braids

The longer the hair is, the more this type of hairstyle makes it because it is a beautiful crop, the larger the braids are, the larger the hairstyle becomes. It is a do-it-yourself hairstyle for long hair to be made on large occasions, especially if you have neither the time nor the desire to go to the hairdresser.

DIY Hairstyle with Braid and Chignon

A quick hairstyle to make, which can also be created on wet hair, at the beach or in the city in summer. Fast and very practical!

Collected with two Braids

It is not necessary to be a hairstylist to make beautiful crops, it is enough to know very easy hairstyles to create like this soft crop.

Romantic Hair Harvest Seeds

Still a perfect semi-harvest for those with long, wavy hair but who can also do it on a smooth hair, but obviously the final effect will be slightly different. If you have very smooth hair, you can use a curling iron to create some waves.

Simple Bun with Donut

The chignon is one of the most popular hairstyles, easy to make especially if you use the sponge donut. The charm of this hairstyle depends on its versatility: whether it is disheveled or well pulled, the chignon is used both in the gym and at a ceremony. Here’s how to make a cignon high step by step.

Harvest with Three Braids

With the right hair accessories, these braid crops are perfect DIY wedding hairstyles. With a bit of manual skill and the help of bridesmaids and witnesses it is possible to create a wonderful hairstyle for the wedding without asking for the help of the hairdresser. If you want other ideas look look at the beautiful bridal hairstyles with braids.

Four Braid Hairstyle

Same procedure as before, but this time 4 braids are made. One of these is created attached to the head, starting from the forehead. The result is a hairstyle for girls to show off at every opportunity!

Braids Attached to the Cape

A hairstyle for girls but also for women who appreciate youthful looks. The procedure is simple. With the brush you separate the hair perfectly into two parts, create two braids attached to the head and finally join in a tail.

DIY Hairstyle, Semi Harvested with Braids

All fans of “The throne of swords” will certainly try to achieve this hairstyle, simple but with a very bon ton look. Follow the tutorial to create a hairstyle that recalls the hairstyles of Daenerys Targaryen, protagonist of the Games of Thrones fantasy, in just a few minutes.

Double Chignon with Braids

Still a hairstyle that starts from the braids to make, not one, but two buns. This time the hairstyle seems to be inspired by a Star Wars character. Which? Princess Leila obviously.

Harvested Seeds with Waterfall Braids

A perfect semi-harvest for those who love to wear loose hair but don’t want to fall into the banality of natural hairstyles. Here’s how to make this hairstyle with cascading braids. Follow the procedure shown in step by step photos.

XXL Braid Created with Elastics

How to create a huge braid? With simple rubber bands! Just make a tail and then take two strands sideways at a time and join them together with an elastic band. The procedure is repeated until the end. As a last step, all the strands widen!

Raised Braid with Torchon

This time it is a Dutch braid with torchon, a fresh and youthful hairstyle that lends itself to many occasions of use. Even this, if you already know how to make a raised braid, is a fast but very effective hairstyle.

Do It Yourself Original Tuft

Here’s how to style the tuft using only a tail comb and a hairpin. A simple and retro hairstyle.

Hairstyle with Rose

Still a variation on the classic chignon theme, but this time with a very romantic flavor. Let’s try together to make this harvested seed that looks like a flower. Only a rubber band and hairpins are needed to make it.

Harvested Hair with Crowned Braid

Not the usual harvest but a real princess hairstyle. A crop with a raised braid in a very simple crown to make, especially if you follow our little tutorial step by step.

50s hairstyle

To achieve this vintage-style hairstyle, get yourself a solid-colored elastic hair band, or covered with beads, and some hairpins. It can be created both on wavy hair and on straight hair.

Side Fish Bone Braid

The fishbone braid is now a great classic. A slightly more refined variant than the usual braid, which is achieved in a few steps. If you have any doubts about the technique you can learn it by following our reverse fishbone braid tutorial.

Soft French Braid

How is a French braid made? It seems difficult, yet the principle is the same as that of the classic braid, only that as we weave our hair we add strands that join the three we are already using to braid the hair.

Bow with Hair

It does not seem yet it is a chignon. The procedure is very simple and takes less than 60 seconds. You have to gather the hair with an elastic band, leaving out a lock, and make a fairly disheveled and unpretentious chignon. At this point, divide it in two from the center and pass the lock in the middle that you did not collect and fix it in the back with some hairpins. The bow with hair is done.

Bass Chignon with Braids

This is a very classic variation of the chignon but a bit more laborious, from the point of view of the realization, than the previous chignon for which we used the sponge donut. It’s a perfect hairstyle for a ceremony to do at home without having to go to the hairdresser.

Combing with Double French Braid

This hairstyle is a mixture of two different hairstyles, on one side the chignon, on the other the classic French braid. We have already learned how to make it, so this time let’s get involved a little more and make two, one that starts from the front and one from the back of the neck.

Harvest with Torchon

And so passing from the braid to the bun we arrived at the last tutorial in which we explain how to make a harvest with torchon. Looking at the photo tutorial you will realize how simple it is!


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