Discover blond tone suits you best according to your skin color

Discover blond tone

There are women for whom the blond in hair is not their first choice if they think dyed, however, contrary to what everyone thinks, there is a blond tone for everyone no matter what your natural color, enough to know the nuances and correct colors.

L’Oreal Professionnel study showed that women’s attitude toward the blond is changing greatly and has even become a trend. To celebrate this exciting event, the brand launched a menu of colors to help people to choose and adapt your skin tone the blond color that is more appropriate, because if we teƱirnos is better do it the right way. These are just a few tips you can follow if you’re interested in changing your hair color.

First you have to know if your skin is warm or cold

Discover blond tone

This way you’ll know what tones are best suited for you. To find out, just look at the veins of your wrists, if they are blue and purple then you have a cold tone; On the contrary, if they are green then you have a warm tone; If you are mixing both then your tone is neutral and dye options are.

Pinkish tones and pale skin have two specific colors

Blond which adapt more to the type of cold skin are cenizos, beige blonde or baby.

The darker skins are more suited to golden tones or honey

For example: butter, gold and caramel.

You have to take into account the color of your eyes

How much contrast you want to have? The soft tones complement the colors of light eyes and blond are better deep dark eyes.

Think well if you want to keep it

Platinum blond tones need constant visits to the color stylist for not mudslide, while the ombre are low maintenance. That’s why you need to think if you’re willing to commit to care for him properly.

The condition of your hair is important

A good dyeing depend on the condition you have your hair. It is very important to use shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers bulbs so they do not dry out, it quickly falling or mudslide.

For the blonde to last longer remember

Experts recommend using dyes with formulas antioxidant combined with UV filters to protect and extend the brightness of the color.

Minimize damage

We know that the chemicals used to dye hair can cause damage, but fortunately there is already a solution: ask your colorist to use as Olaplex treatment, which can repair the structure of your hair when it breaks.

There is a solution that I have not discolor

Are you still afraid to dye it? Try snapshots colorations without peroxide.

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