Dirty blonde: the most glamorous hair color of the moment

Dirty blonde

The Dirty Blonde promises to be the must-have hair trend of autumn-winter, as well as for the summer. Here are its features and how to get it

It is the blond of the moment, perfect for any season of the year and, above all, ideal because it does not require constant maintenance work. Being a shade of blond very easy to wear and to obtain, it is perfect even for those who do not start from a totally clear base.

On the Web there are already so many stars belonging to the entertainment world who have fallen hopelessly in love and who have shown off their beautiful blonde hair on all social networks, attracting the attention of thousands of beauty lovers.

His name is “Dirty Blonde” and is a cross between light brown and bright blond. Much loved by stars like Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne, it has now become one of the most widespread hair trends of 2019 even among ordinary women who want to give their hair a shine.

Dirty blond: a summer trend or an evergreen?

The 2019 hair trends have decreed it as the favorite color by celebrities of the caliber of Bella Hadid, who had relaunched it through a photo posted on Instagram with a caption: “Back to dirty blonde, back to my roots!”.

From here to little, the “dirty blond“, not only has become the hair trend par excellence of summer 2019, but it is also very appreciated by those who want an elegant shade suitable for every type of haircut, for every complexion and for any age.

In short, even if the term means “dirty blond“, it constitutes a real passepartout launched this summer by important brands such as Tony & Guy, which have made this new hair trend a real “must” capable of reaffirming itself as the hair color winter 2019 more in vogue than ever.

Dirty blonde and the secrets of her success

The “dirty blonde” turns out to be the best choice for those who want blond hair, but are afraid of facing a difficult and constant maintenance job.

In fact, this color is characterized by its non-uniformity being a mix of contrasts between light and dark that gives a warm and multi-faceted brightness that does not create pentimenti, especially because it does not need to be retouched by the hairdresser every three weeks. It is enough, mostly at home, to put in your beauty routine shampoo, conditioner, mask and quality products with ingredients that preserve the color and make the hair shiny and healthy. You don’t even need to apply the anti-soot!

So, if you spend your beach vacation, you won’t have to worry about it at all, because the color will not spoil, on the contrary, the sun will add a touch of shine to your hair.

The secret of its success, therefore, lies in its being so “flexible” and adaptable to every haircut and at any age, not presenting the classic distortions of any other color and, obviously, in its low price.

Although this hair color has been a great summer success, it will be very trendy throughout the winter of 2019 and, surely, it will remain that timeless classic that never goes out of fashion.


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