Degrade hair technique: what it is, how it is done and how much it costs

Degrade hair technique

The degrade hair technique is a lightening effect that adapts to different types of face, cut and complexion.

It is a technique based on a lightening of the natural tonality of the hair, which is carried out vertically and which gives brightness to the face, similar to balayage. This type of bleaching is not aggressive and respects the natural color of the hair: in fact the chestnut or blond degrade make this treatment inconspicuous on the hair.

Thanks to the natural lightening it is possible not to weaken the hair and keep the hair nourished and healthy. Often the hair when it is lightened excessively or when it undergoes strong changes and treatments such as the anti-yellowing, first of all the dryness and the emptying. With the degrade technique this damage does not occur and for this reason it is suitable for all types of hair.

The differences between degrade and shatush

The differences between lightening techniques such as shatush, blending, balayage and degradé hair are numerous. Many lightening techniques require continual adjustments and a high amount of chemical and harmful lightening products. This type of approach can make the hair dry and cause damage that is difficult to repair, except with specific treatments such as oxygen therapy.

Another difference between these techniques and degrade hair is the natural effect that this lightening confers. The degrade requires less lightening product and for this it gives an immediately more natural effect. Although not immediately visible, the degrade technique gives a much brighter appearance, making the hair shiny.

Degrade for short, medium or long hair?

Degraded hair gives a natural and non-aggressive glow. This technique is delicate not only for the use of chemical products but also in appearance. Vertical and light bleaches are suitable for any hair color, complexion and different face shapes. The short hair degrade is also suitable for medium and long cuts, thanks to this natural effect. The shades are able to adapt even to different shades, blond, chestnut or blackberry.

Why contact a professional for degrad hair

Contacting a degradé hair professional is a key element. Making degradé at home is possible, but you may not get the desired effect. This technique is complex and requires expert manual skills. The greatest difficulty is being able to obtain a natural shaded effect avoiding product waste. A professional is also able to suggest the most suitable solution for degradé white, blond, brown and dark hair. A specialist is also prepared to suggest the most suitable solution depending on the haircut.

Degrade hair: cost

It is not easy to define the degrade cost. Prices vary depending on whether the treatment is requested at a specialized salon or at a more generalist store. The basic degrade treatment costs around 50/60 dollars/euros but by adding moisturizing treatments or special shampoos you can reach and exceed 90 euros. Our advice is to always request a quote before lightening.

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