‘Dark violet’, the most sensual and mysterious tone of the season

‘Dark violet’, the most sensual and mysterious tone of the season

Are you thinking about changing the color of your hair? It is time that you leave behind the blond, ash or fantasy tones. This season bets on a color with strength and that gives style to your hair, what do you think if you try the dark violet.

With an almost black violet mane you can give the illusion that your hair is more abundant, but the best thing is that it has pigments that are reflected in the light giving a bright and beautiful finish.

If you want to impress, use violet and wine strands

Yes, you can take it in balayage

Dark violet and blue mix for shiny hair

A touch of color only at the tips

With a bob cut it looks spectacular

This happens when you change from blonde to violet

It is a very elegant tone

Lavender and black … we love it!

With a makeup of the same color to highlight your features

The braids will give you an adventurous touch

It is totally opposite to the fashionable brown and blond

The color adapts to many types of cuts

With lights effect so you have sparkles in the sun

Gradient from black to violet

Curl your hair to make the color stand out


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