Curly man’s haircut: photos of easy-to-manage looks

Curly man's haircut

Long, short, shaved on the sides or with a tuft. Lots of hairstyle images for curly men and tips to manage your hair to the fullest!

The curly hair cut man must be chosen carefully based on the type hair, not to distort the curl and at the same time to stylize it with ease.

We show you the best look ideas from which to take inspiration for curly man haircuts, considering both the new fashions and the most beautiful and easy to handle cuts.

Cutting Curly Man Hair, Trends

Let’s start with the trends. The latest trends want a natural look: no too structured cuts and a lot of movement. No to the hair fixed with lacquer or gel that makes them dry. Go ahead instead to the soft hedgehog. Here are the pictures of man cuts for fashionable curly hair.

Curly Short Hair Man

The curly cut man ideal for those who do not want to worry too much about hair care is the short one.

How to style them? The hairstyle is different depending on the type of hair. If the hedgehog is soft you can create a central tuft disheveled to be easily modeled with wax or gel. On the other hand, if we have to manage curly frizzy hair – like afro hair – it is better to opt for the short cut at the sides and a longer but thinner hair in the central part.

Short curly hair cut at the sides

Cutting Curly Hair Man with Shaving

A hairstyle that works on more lengths is that of curly man-shaved hair on the sides. It is good to leave the long curls shaped on the upper part of the head so that the side shaving is in contrast with the volume of the foliage. On the sides you can also create drawings and lines playing on various shaving lengths. Among the many curly hair cuts for men, this is the ideal one for teenagers and young boys.

Man’s hair shaved on the sides

Man Medium Curly Haircut

Among the most popular male curly haircuts we find medium-length haircuts. Messy effect, slightly messy and hair up to the ears. To have a man hair look easy to manage, just pull the hedge lightly out so as not to have a too large hair.

As for the care you have to comb them only when they are wet to eliminate any knots and then just dabbing the curls with a towel and styling with your hands. Use specific shampoo for curly hair. Avoid using the hair dryer when possible and prefer to dry in the sun.

Cutting Long Curly Hair Man

If you decide to grow them, keep in mind that the hedgehog tends to be rebellious. To have a thick but well-groomed hair the barber will have to scissor in the right places, without damaging the beautiful natural shape of the sea urchins. You can not think of keeping them all the same length!

In addition to making an appointment to the hairdresser to define the cut, to treat curly long hair man it is important to use anti-frizz products for a defined and ordered look. We advise you to use specific products for afro or very curly hair. These are shampoos, conditioners, masks that nourish and moisturize hair.

Long curly hair man cuts

Curly Hairstyles for Curly Man

Not far from the cut with side shaves, we find the hairstyle curly man hair faded at the sides and on the nape. It is a cut that does not play on the stark contrast between long and shaved hair, but rather prefers a gentle nuance that starts from the thick central foliage and gradually increases.

Cutting shaded curly hair man

Those with wavy hair are lucky enough to have a wider choice than thick curls. The length can be modulated according to the thickness of the hair and the cut can be removed or not in relation to the body of the foliage. The natural effect remains the main goal! The simplest hairstyle is that with a light wet effect created using hair foam or gel that does not stick and leaves the hair soft.

We hope you have found the perfect cut and that these images can be an inspiration for your looks!

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