Curly hairstyles: simple and beautiful ideas


Here are the photos and the tutorials to create hairstyles for short curly hair, medium or long simple and beautiful in a short time!

We show you many ideas of hairstyles for curly hair to be inspired. From semi-crops to chignon crops, from hairstyles with classic or more complex braids to easier and original DIY looks. From ceremonial hairstyles for the wedding party to more refined bridal hairstyles.

Let’s see together the hairstyles for medium curly hair, short or long most beautiful to choose based on the occasion of use, photos and tutorials to follow step by step.


If you think that short curly hair is suitable for a few hairstyles, you are wrong. Much depends on the cut, and sometimes a natural hairstyle is all it takes. A simple helmet can be embellished with weaves along the front. But you can also prefer semi-gathered headdresses to embellish with jewel clasps and inserts. The long bob with medium-short curly hair will certainly let you have more fun. You can focus on romantic twists, and if you love vintage style, bands and headbands in 1920s and 1950s style will be for you. We advise you to discover also which are the best short curly hairstyles to comb your hair every day without effort!


There are many hairstyles for long hair. Even long curly hair will undoubtedly allow you to wander with the imagination. The length allows the creation of more elaborate chignon or a pony tail with hair covering the elastic for a refined effect. How to do? You simply need to select a side lock to wrap then over the elastic and fix it at the bottom to hide it. Simple and fast!


If you are looking for easy and quick hairstyles to do with curly hair, we offer you different ideas. For a natural or “messy” effect, fake disheveled, we recommend a classic soft side braid, one of the fastest to make between simple hairstyles. Even the high tail embellished with a jewel clasp is very feminine. And if you like high yields, a high chignon with a few locks dropped on your neck will give you a more carefree touch.


Rebel hedgehogs and ceremony in sight? Don’t worry, let’s see together some ideas of ceremony hairstyles that are perfect for having a neat and elegant look. Witness hairstyles must be more sophisticated, while others invited may opt for less formal looks. The semi-crops, with twist and braids, can be made more refined thanks to the right inserts in the hair. For a summer wedding, the flowers remain a classic, especially for boho chic themed ceremonies.


If you are looking for hairstyles for curly hair that are easy to do, you are in the right place. In the images below you will find different ideas for hairstyles to do at home. Look to show off every day to go to work, to go out with friends, for a date and not only. The choice of DIY hairstyles is varied. A very simple hairstyle is the semi-harvest that is obtained by intertwining two lateral locks and fixing everything with a hairpin. If you love braids, discover at the bottom of our tutorial how to make a braided crop.


Do you have very short curly and rebellious hair? We show you how to create a simple hairstyle to do in two minutes in the morning when you have little time! It is a practical look, very comfortable and perfect even for the less experienced. Look at this page to discover the video tutorial and learn for yourself!


High or low, side or asymmetrical hairstyles with braids, with medium-length hair, you can indulge yourself. If you have medium curly hair and love side hairstyles, we recommend a classic side braid left very soft to enhance the curls. In terms of high hairstyles, the narrow ringlets make it possible to achieve very youthful looks, but also sophisticated evening hairstyles with some curls left free at the base or on the sides of the head. Discover also the most beautiful summer hair cuts!


So far, there are many ideas in the field of bridal curly hairstyles. The hairstyle for a wedding must be impeccable and the options to choose for medium to long, short or long hair are different. The bridal hairstyles with gathered hair can be embellished with floral diadems, jeweled circles or real tiaras. Hedgehogs can be tamed and turned into delicate curls. If you are looking for bridal hair style ideas for long hair, the low semi-crops on the nape with braided ringlets remain synonymous with refinement. They are perfect for both girls and ladies.


How to turn rebellious curls into perfect curls? Just a simple curling iron! This is the right way to make hairstyles with loose bridal hair that is feminine and elegant. The most suitable hairstyles for loose hair are those that are half-picked. You can fix very small locks on the sides of the head and hide the hairpins under the other hair. A very simple and quick idea to make? Add a fashionable headband to your loose curl hair and you’ll be ready in seconds.


How to make a hairstyle for curly hair easy and in no time? Here are the images and the tutorial that explain it to you step by step. Ideas for hairstyles suitable for women of all ages, but also for a child. Proceed in this way:

  • tied a strand of hair on the upper part of the head with a rubber band and a strand of hair on the nape;
  • roll the two lateral locks free on themselves;
  • cotonate the portion of hair on the upper part left aside at the beginning and roll it backwards to then secure it with hairpins;
  • finally stop the locks left free with hairpins.

The final touch that will make your look more distinctive, especially in summer? A seasonal flower in your hair!


Wavy and wavy hair lends itself to many types of hairstyle. A simple side tail can be embellished with a braid beginning only in the upper part. A semi-harvest with a soft twist or with a chignon left a bit disheveled will give a more lively touch to the look. Take a look at the photos below to find many new ideas.


Lovers of hairstyles with semi-gathered curly hair? There is an embarrassment of choice. Semi-collected hairstyles leave a good portion of loose hair, which is why they are perfect both for long cuts and for medium and short hairstyles. The braids remain an evergreen for those who want to give the look a more romantic and retro touch. But the two lateral locks can be fixed on the back of the head in different ways, from twist to braids to French or ear of fish. Very tight knots are much sought after, which you can also make on the top of the head.


Untamable afro hair? Here are some ideas to take inspiration from. African hair is perfect for making tails and gathered from exaggerated volumes. You can tie your tails behind your head, on one side or maybe in the highest part. We advise you to always use specific products for afro hair that will help you make the hair easier to work with. High hairstyles are perfect for a girl, semi-crops and low crops with a more sophisticated style are great for mature women or all ages.


As we have already seen, there are many hairstyles with plaits on curly hair. Those with braids left wide have a more casual effect, the looks with narrow braids retain a very refined retro touch. An original herringbone braid can give more character to a day half-harvest. For those who want to indulge themselves with more professional touches, we recommend the Dutch or ear of corn braids, alone or inside gathered hairstyles.


High on the head, low on the nape, lateral, simple or complex, the hairstyles for curly hair collected are obtained in different ways. For a 90s touch, a cascade of curls with a high tail is the ideal choice. For more refined looks, find out how to make a low bun with braids. Curls combed in ringlets can be placed one lock at a time behind the head to create a very nice volume effect. A jewel clasp will give the look a more refined touch. The crop with braids will give more movement to the face, but you can also bet on an original braid on the wheel!

To keep your hair healthy, choose the right shampoo for curly hair and don’t forget to follow our tips for perfect curls. The right way to have a perfect base to start with.


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