Curly haircuts for men: 100 beautiful trendy looks

Curly haircuts for men: 100 beautiful trendy looks

Short, long curly hair for men, shaved at the sides or with a tuft. Lots of hairstyle pictures for curly men and tips to manage your hair better!

The curly hair cut for men must be chosen carefully on the basis of the hair type, in order not to distort the curl and at the same time to style it easily.

We show you the best look ideas from which to take inspiration for men’s curly haircuts, considering both the new fashions and the most beautiful and easy to manage cuts.

Curly Man Haircuts

Let’s start with men’s curly cuts trends. The latest trends for men’s short cuts feature side shaves with designs and long curls on the head. Instead, for medium and long curly cuts we focus on a natural aspect: no too structured cuts and a lot of movement. No to hair fixed with hairspray or gel which makes them too dry. Go ahead instead for the soft hedgehog. Here are the pictures of men’s cuts for trendy curly hair.

Short Curly Haircuts for Men

The ideal curly cut man for those who do not want to worry too much about hair care is the short one. How to style them? Hairstyle is different depending on the type of hair. If the curl is soft, you can create a disheveled central tuft that can be easily modeled with wax or gel. If, on the other hand, we have to manage frizzy curly hair – like afro hair – it is better to opt for the short cut on the sides and a longer but thinner hair in the central part. If you want to focus on something more particular, the new trends want very short and shaded side shavings upwards with simple designs. An increasingly popular look between footballers and sportsmen.

Curly Haircut Man with Shaving

A hairstyle that works on multiple lengths is that of men’s curly hair shaved at the sides. It is good to leave the curls long and modeled on the upper part of the head so that the lateral shaving is in contrast with the volume of the hair. On the sides you can also create designs and lines by playing on various shaving lengths. Among the many curly haircuts for men, this is the ideal one for teenagers, young boys and for those who want to show off a more fashionable style.

Medium Curly Haircut for Man

Among the most popular male curly haircuts we find those of medium length. Messy effect, slightly messy and hair up to the ears. To have an easy-to-manage hair look for men, just pull out the curl slightly so as not to have too voluminous hair. As for the care, you need to comb them only when they are wet to remove any knots and then simply dab the curls with a towel and define the styling with your hands. Use specific shampoos for curly hair. Whenever possible, avoid using a hairdryer and prefer drying in the sun.

Long Curly Haircut for Men

If you decide to grow them keep in mind that the hedgehog tends to be rebellious. To have a thick but well-groomed hair, the barber will have to scissor in the right places, without damaging the beautiful natural shape of the curls. You can’t think of keeping them all the same length! In addition to making an appointment at the hairdresser to define the cut, to treat long curly hair for men it is important to use anti-frizz products for a defined and orderly look. We advise you to use specific products for afro or very curly hair. These are shampoos, conditioners, masks that nourish and hydrate the hair.

Gradient Men’s Curly Haircuts

Not far from the cut with side shaves, we find the haistyle curly men’s hair shaded at the sides and on the nape. It is a cut that does not play on the stark contrast between long and shaved hair, but prefers a sweet shade that starts from the thick central hair and gradually increases. To give a twist to the look you can make highlights on the tuft or oxygenate the entire crown on the top.

Men’s Wavy Haircuts

Those with wavy hair are lucky enough to have a wider choice than thick curls. The length can be modulated according to the thickness of the hair and the cut can be removed or not in relation to the body of the hair. The natural effect remains the main goal! The simplest hairstyle is the one with a light wet effect created using foam for hair or gel that does not stick and that leaves hair soft. The forelock forward attracts attention to the eye: it is definitely the trendy choice.

Curly Hair Man

The proposals for receding men become more refined, from short cuts that enhance white hair and graying hair to those for mature men with longer thick hair with a youthful and lively mood. Ideal for a fifty or sixty year old haircut with light shaving and longer hair combed back, while to cover the receding hairline here are the medium cuts with long forelock to fall on the forehead, perfect for having a more jaunty look.

Curly Cuts for Boys

Looking for youthful and trendy cuts? You are spoiled for choice! For those who prefer short cuts here is the proposal of Ghost Gang with light lateral shave, while for those who love a more evident shave go-ahead cuts for boys with long forelock and with curly or very wavy hair longer on the head. Hedgehog tight and defined? Green light to more playful solutions with very long curls above to fall on the forehead and temples.

Curly Man Haircuts with Tuft

The men’s cuts with forelock are among the most trendy, from those with short forelock that barely covers the forehead to vintage-style hairstyles in which the forelock becomes a bangs, ideal for those who want to cover their wide forehead. Nostalgic 80s style? Mohammad Hamze revives shaved cuts with a voluminous curly crest with a punk rock mood. Looking for a more wearable look? Green light to cuts with shorter side tuft and easy to fold and ideal for minimizing flapping ears.

Curly Haircuts for Men with Beard

For those with curly hair and beards, dedicating special attention to grooming is essential in order not to appear messy. For those who want to get noticed there are curly cuts worn with a side line, medium beard and accentuated mustache, while short male cuts are perfect with a not too long uncultivated beard. The short cuts with afro curls are more elegant combined with a very short and well-groomed beard, ideal for having a refined office look. For those who love experimenting trendy solutions here are the proposals with geometric designs along the shave that continue on the beard profiles, to mix if we want with mesh and lightening on the goatee that echo those in the hair!

We hope that these images have been an inspiration to find the perfect cut for male curly hair!


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