Curly haircuts 2020: short, medium, long

Curly hair cuts 2020 short, medium, long

From short curly cuts to medium and long ones, here are the most interesting 2020 curly hair trends and the looks of the stars to be inspired by!

From short hairstyles to medium to long hair, the trends in curly haircuts reward natural volumes and original details. Let’s find out what are the most beautiful hairstyles sported by celebrities who will dictate the haircut trends 2020 and the proposals of international hairstylists who dictate the style rules for 2020.

Curly Hair Trends 2020

From the haircuts to the very scaled ones, the 2020 curly haircut trends reward naturalness and few excesses. The pixie cut are defined by a short and sometimes very short bangs, while the bob and lob show more evident scalings, to give movement to the hair. 60s bon ton touches are among the most popular 2020 trends for long cuts, while the Afro hedgehog is enhanced through moderate marching. From AnnaLynne McCord to Blake Lively, from Andie MacDowell to Nicole Kidman, the stars love curly hair! Here are the most interesting trends to keep an eye on!

Short Curly Haircuts

The wild disheveled look, enlivened by a long tuft or an accentuated asymmetrical scaling, returns to the forefront in terms of 2020 curly haircuts. In terms of short curly hair cuts, the short haircuts in front and longer behind are the choice of hairstylists like Pierre Ginsburg, but there are also short cuts with less scaled curly hair, thought to soften the marked features and the line of the cheekbones. Discover also the most beautiful short hair cuts for the winter!

Medium Curly Haircuts

The volume is the key word in terms of medium curly hair cuts! The hair is fluffy but also well defined in the medium curly haircuts, thus banning the wild and fake unkempt looks, this year the hairstylists reward well shaped curls and a discreet scaling. The bob cut cuts get longer, to be combined with a short 70s style bangs or the tuft that touches the chin. And if you loved these looks, discover the medium cuts for winter in our mega collection!

Long Curly Haircuts

The curly hair long cuts out among the stars, from Blake Lively to Debra Messing and more! For those with thick hair, the scaled cuts remain a classic. Very popular in long curly hair cuts scaled side line, shifted to create more important volumes that help minimize nose and forehead shape. David Barron uses contrasts and chiaroscuro effects on blond and colored hair to give movement to long curly cuts, while Margy Lyubomirova rewards the long tufts that come in mid-neck, a perfect look for those with more marked features. Remember that to avoid frizzy and damaged hair it is essential to use specific shampoos for curly hair. If you are looking for other look ideas, take a look at our collection of long hair cuts for the winter!

Curly Haircuts with Bangs

To make the hedgehog lighter and softer come short cuts with bangs like those proposed by Rafael Bueno Peluqueros and Intermede, but also very short in neo punk style as suggested by Franck Provost. Several hairstylists such as Fabio Salsa work alongside bangs especially for short cuts, ideal for giving volume to fine and thin hair. How to take care of our hedgehogs? Discover our tips for having perfect curly hair!

Curly Hair Scaled

Lovers of curly hair scaled? On the subject of scaled haircuts, one of the most popular trends remains naturalness and authenticity. The scaled cut for curly hair follows and enhances the shape of the face, creating measured contrasts that nevertheless help to liven up the hair. Looking for a more lively touch? Gianluca Grechi offers us more determined haircuts, very short in front and long behind, a tribute to the 80s rock style for the nostalgic of retro touches.

Afro Curly Cuts

“Messy” like that of Kelly Rowland, or well defined, the Afro hedgehog is enhanced by very short pixie cut cuts that remain longer in front, to create a lively and jaunty movement of small waves. For medium and long cuts the scalings are poorly defined, the front tufts remain long and the central row disappears in favor of a combed look of great visual impact. Discover the best products for afro hair and how to take care of it in our study!

What do you think of our collection of trendy woman curly hair cuts? What is the best look for you? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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