35+ Curly haircuts 2019

Curly haircuts 2019

Renewing hair is a way to maintain a modern and current image. The options that we show you in regards to haircuts for curly hair, are the most attractive and successful tendencies of the last seasons.

If you are still not sure which style to choose, here are some suggestions.


The pixie short hair is back one more year, thanks to its beauty and great versatility. It allows to show off makeup and fashion accessories splendidly. It can be worn very short or slightly long at the top.

You can wear it in several ways, with or without bangs, comb it backwards or forwards, you can take it slightly upwards or adopt the bangs to the side on the forehead. There are many ways to wear it.

It is a perfect cut for very young girls as well as for adult women. Short hair refreshes the image, it is practical since it is not difficult to keep it in style and is very easy to carry.

Short hair is always the most classic way to break the rules and change drastically.

The lateral shaving is also one of the modern options that you can try.

Short Bob

The trend reigns of cuts for several years is the short bob. We have seen it take hold in both straight and curly hair, or gently wavy.

Short hair has its many advantages, among them, it is easier to maintain and comb. Smoothes the features of the square faces, favors the round faces, since slightly longer on the sides of the face, lightens plump cheeks. And of course, it is perfect to wear makeup and accessories, and still has many more benefits, do not hesitate.

You can choose the superior style, combed with a line at the cost as we see in the image above.

Short hair with bangs

The bangs is also another option to accompany curly short hair, as we see below.

Half hair

The average mane has the advantage of allowing us a lot of hairstyles. The long bobs are very fashionable. They have style and go perfectly with clothing, glasses and other clothing accessories.

Far from having few options, check out these photos.

Half hair with bangs

Fashion takes us through a variety of styles when it comes to bangs. It is very youthful and flattering, and also has the quality that you can wear it in many ways and lengths. You can wear it on your forehead, slightly on both sides in a curtain style, or a side bangs. The bangs with curls always looks better if it is slightly disheveled.

If you have wavy hair, a half mane with a slightly wavy bangs can look fabulous.

Totally curly and lightly on the forehead.


Change your look they say is the best way to start from scratch in life. When one wants to start with new projects and new goals, choosing a haircut that renews our face and our image, is the kickoff. Let’s see some trends in long hair.

Long hair also offers several possibilities, although all of them emphasizing mainly soft layers that remove a little volume and cascade shape.

You can opt for models like this, a bit messy, with highlights and different shades of color, depending on the part of the mane, showing all its volume and splendor.


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