Curly haircuts 2019: trends

Curly Haircuts 2019

That cascade of beautiful waves or curls that both like and give much body to the short, medium or long hair, will be a big trend in 2019. So if you have naturally curly or wavy hair, start by seeing some flirty alternative cuts of curly hair for women that we know you will like a lot.


You do not need to have a long mane, to show off waves or a cascade of curls in your hair. And for you to check, we’ve put together some short haircuts with curls. They are cuts that allow you to comb your hair easily at home, without having to make waves that can be soft or very defined, or flirty curls that always give movement and volume to the hair.

One of the proposals that we have found imposing trend is an elegant pixie that takes longer at the top, which even with a short hair allows us to enjoy a hair with textures. In the upper image, with the hair very short at the nape and on both sides of the head, the curls are left longer at the top, giving a beautiful contrast of textures. Ideal for those who want something very youthful and carefree.

This is the same cut, but a little longer both at the top and bottom. In the image below, we see how the curls fall in abundance on both sides of the head, achieving a beautiful frame for the face.

The following image shows a slightly longer cut with ultra-defined curls, more beautiful? impossible.

Halle Berry is another reference when it comes to curly hair. It never looked so great as with this voluminous short style, which shows its curls very defined but with much movement. Some wicks a little lighter give even more texture to this beautiful hair.

Here is a styling for a girl with very curly curls, difficult to control. Afro styles, where hair is allowed to grow naturally, are once again fashionable. Do not torment yourself by wearing braids, leave your hair free and use that volume in your favor.


While the star within haircuts are shorts, long hair is gaining popularity again in 2019.

As we have said, it does not matter if your hair is of medium length as in the first image or very long as the previous image. Regardless of its length you can wear this style. These cuts go well with the super tight curls to the weakest and softest, you can choose the one that you like and favor you. Do not deprive yourself of giving more volume and movement to your hair on a special day like a wedding or ceremony, with a beautiful seductive waterfall on your head.

The most attractive of these styles, is that you can take them without any details, forget the accessories and let the hair become one of the great attractions of your personal style.


The hair on the shoulder is another of the cuts that also gains popularity in the 2019 season, and will preferably be loose in waves or curls, so you can enjoy a full of movement hair.

With Bob cut the hair looks very natural and falls coquettishly like a waterfall, giving a romantic and very attractive appearance.


Women who have naturally curly hair can take advantage of this beautiful texture of hair that has so much volume, cutting it in layers. This is a hair that has a lot of movement and it looks perfect if you wear it loose, with hardly any accessory and if you prefer it, only the beautiful mane as the frame of your face.

It can be lightly picked if it is long, in a very elegant and glamorous way. The accessories are also important, the occasional little detail makes the difference and a beautiful curly mane becomes a great hairstyle.

The layers are perfect for all hair lengths, as we see in the following photos, ranging from short, medium to long hair.

This photo shows us that in this season we combine bangs and curls, far from being incompatible, it allows us to enjoy looks with a lot of style.

For a woman 50 years of age or older

These beautiful women show that after 50 years you can wear long hair and look fabulous. They have a very apt style to coexist with curly hair without too many complications when it comes to styling it.

You can dry your hair with a blow of a dryer with the cold air, or dry the hair with a curling iron, or let it dry naturally by pulling the hair up with your hands, helping to form the curls. This helps the hair control the volume by taking the shape of a curl. Once the hair dries, release the curl and gently comb the hair back with a wide-toothed comb, or with the fingers, to add softness to the hairstyle and separate the curls a little.

As you see in these photographs, many women choose to wear their natural gray hair, and they look really fabulous.

For round face

For round faces, it is always advisable to choose cuts that transform that roundness into an oval shape. For this, some bangs can help you, and mainly, the cuts in layers, which fall gently on the cheeks.


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