Curly hair how to avoid knots: here are tips to follow

Curly hair how to avoid knots: here are tips to follow

Curly hair with knots? But how can they be untangled in a short time and not only, but can knots be avoided? Let’s find out how to intervene in a targeted way.

Curly hair is predisposed to knot formation, but why? The immediate answer we can give you is the lack of care and often also the use of the wrong products.

Not only that, but curly hair compared to straight hair cannot be brushed daily, but if you want to experience the thrill of having a head like a lioness then anything is allowed. But how do knots form when you have curly hair? Let’s find out together.

Curly hair with knots: why they are formed

But how come curly hair can get knotted? It can happen that the hair is often tortured, because it rubs against the clothes and the skin, while at night they fight with the pillow. Curly hair will therefore appear dry, dull and frizzy. Knots can form especially if the hair is curly and thick, so it is completely normal for knots to form. Length certainly won’t help as long hair is more prone to knots. A real annoyance to find yourself with the hair to untangle especially when you try to untie the knots and you feel a little pain.

The hair predisposed to making knots is the most stressed by:

  • excessive use of the hair dryer or plate
  • lack of protection from uv rays
  • coloring and bleaching treatments
  • excessive use of foam, mousse
  • brush your hair vigorously

These causes do nothing but stress the hair, consequently the hair weakens, it can break and predisposes to the formation of knots.

Let’s try to understand how to remedy in case of curly hair.

How to detangle curly hair

It is not that difficult to detangle curly hair, just be careful not only when washing but also with any hairstyles that can help.

Surely we start with the shampoo which must be specific for curly hair. After washing well, you should never forget the use of the conditioner, which not only softens the hair, helps to relax so that it can be brushed easily. When you apply the conditioner, let it act for at least 5 minutes, then before brushing, run your fingers through the strands.

Now divide the hair into sections and with a soft bristle brush or a wide tooth comb, comb. The secret is to make gentle movements starting from the root up to the tips. Rinse your hair well and then proceed with styling. But curly hair should be “pampered” if you do not want to go through this, just do the wraps twice a month with yogurt, extra virgin olive oil and castor oil. Apply the creamy mixture all over the hair, with a wide tooth comb distributed well. Let it rest for half an hour and then rinse.

Even a mask is perfect, prepare one with almond milk, which moisturizes and deeply nourishes the hair. In this way, frizz will be avoided and the ends of the hair will be less brittle. Mix yogurt, almond milk, orange essential oil and sesame oil, apply all over the hair, let it act for 35 minutes and then rinse.

Here are some DIY recipes that might suit you.

Preventing knots: foolproof tricks

Of course it’s no magic touch, knots can be prevented by following a few tips. Have you ever thought of gathering your hair in order to protect it from wind, sun and humidity?

When you go to bed, you could avoid leaving your hair down, perhaps gather it with a soft braid or ponytail. Collect your hair if you play sports, perhaps with rubber bands and bobby pins.

We also advise against the frequent use of lacquers or fixing sprays because they can more dry the hair that is predisposed to knots. Do not even choose a foaming shampoo because it could be too aggressive for curly hair, it could predispose the hair to dry and consequently less manageable, rebellious and with knots.

Never forget to cut your hair especially if there are split ends, thus strengthening the hair. Also, never underestimate the use of a detangling spray that lubricates the hair, so the hair is easily combed.


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