Curly hair with bangs: the secrets to enhance your face

Curly hair with bangs

Whoever has curly hair sometimes gives up the dream of bangs, but in reality there are so many haircuts and hairstyle that aim to enhance this look

The bangs on curly hair is not an impossible goal, but it certainly needs a tested hairstyling to style and comb it in the best way, to avoid an unpleasant effect of frizzy, matted and messy tufts. Usually when one has a curly or curly hair, one thinks twice before having a bangs, because ideally it is incompatible with a cut for curly or bushy hair. In reality this is not always the case.

When you have curly hair and you crave a bangs, there are various possible ways: an example is smooth brushing, for those who are used to make their hair dry with a hair dryer and brush. In this case, even with natural curls, just pull your hair to have a smooth fold with lots of bangs.

Alternatively, if the blur is indomitable (or if we do not want to tame it) you can always opt for hairstyle with hedgehog and bangs. The important thing is that curly hair is healthy and well-groomed.

Bangs curly hair: fashion cuts in 2019

Curly hair does not exclude the presence of a bangs, full-bodied or minimal, long and full or short (“baby”, as the latest trends call it). The important thing is to be clear about the type of hairstyle you want to perform, especially when you’re at home and not in a hairdresser’s salon.

Curly bangs on curly hair

2019 has quite clear trends with regards to the hair sector: curls or very rich, wavy, unkempt, the hair fashion of 2019 prescribes an effect as natural as possible, with simple colors and piege sauvage, with curls free to take the desired shape .

That’s why, whoever wants a bangs can leave it curly, just like the rest of the hair, in a hairlook that recalls the mood of the 70s. This cut and hairstyle enhances those with a round face and curly hair, because it gives movement to the features and to the overall harmony of the face.

Among the trends of spring and summer 2019 we also find many voluminous shorts with a bangs that serves to give depth to the look and to highlight the eyes.

A bangs on short curly hair can look like a difficult and complicated haircut, but in reality it is a lot in, for those who feel inclined to the trends of the year and willing to dare leaving the hair in a “nature” mood.

Smooth bangs on curly hair

Those who do not like the effect of the curly bangs grafted onto a curly or curly hair can opt for a hairstyle with natural lengths and straight bangs, pulled with a hair dryer and brush and / or with one of the best plates. The inspirations on social media, from Instagram to Pinterest, are endless and you can combine this hairlook with very long, medium, short cuts.

This haircut, of medium or long length, is especially suitable for oval, regular and elongated faces. This effect is easier for those with slightly wavy hair, because it can accompany the slight undulation of the lengths to a smoother and more refined bangs without there being a big “detachment”. Even with balayage and highlights you can play to create plays of light and dynamism. You can also combine headbands for hair, ribbons or bands.

Short curly hair with bangs

Who has short hair, curly or wavy, and wants to experience a bangs is supported by the trend hair of 2019, which prescribe short and cheeky hair, volumes and new expressive paths. A short cut can be combined with a bangs that makes the look more charming and complete.

Whether they are fusilli-shaped curls, soft waves or Afro-curly curls, the animated hair goes very well with the bangs because they give an allure of modernity, movement and contemporaneity.


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