Curly hair: here are the 5 male looks

Curly hair man

Which men’s cuts are most suitable for those with curly hair? It sounds like a rhetorical question but the solution exists and depends on the shape of your face

Those with curly hair often find it difficult to choose a cut that enhances its beauty. They are certainly not easy to manage, in fact the frizz effect is always around the corner, but with the right precautions curly hair is a strong point for those lucky enough to have it.

There are also rules for us men to follow to have perfect hair. The shape of our face, for example, guides us in choosing the right cut for a result always at the top.

What are the different face shapes?

Face shapes can be summarized in 5 different categories: oblong, round, square, triangular and diamond. Each of these, having well-defined proportions, will require some precautions in the choice of haircut.

Oblong face: cut with a homogeneous length

The oblong face is characterized by a spacious forehead and a slightly elongated chin. The perfect cut in this case, having to balance these shapes, requires not to cut the hair on the sides and temples too short and that the length of the hair is relatively homogeneous in every part.

A medium length cut is the optimal choice, perhaps made less informal by a small crest or by a tuft shaped properly.

Round face: keep the tuft upwards

In the round face the width and length are similar. Keeping the hair very short on the sides or shaved resizes the shapes, it is also important to avoid covering the forehead with the tuft. This must be carried strictly upwards and must not be excessively long.

Square face: short or shaved cut

If our face is square, we have a pronounced and angular jaw with a width similar to the forehead. To make our features and curls stand out at best, we can opt for a shaved tuft cut that will be kept asymmetrical on one of the two sides of the face. Alternatively, we can accentuate our masculinity to the maximum with a very short or even shaved cut.

Triangle face: give volume

The triangular face has a decreasing width in the jaw line, cheekbones and forehead which is quite narrow and disproportionate to the rest. To rebalance the proportions we can choose a cut that gives volume to our hair, perhaps daring with a medium or long tuft that goes to camouflage the lacking forehead.

Diamond face: choose a whimsical cut

Considered by many to be the perfect shape, very sexy and captivating. It is no coincidence that many successful actors and models have a diamond face. If you are lucky enough to belong to this category, your face will be quite long and characterized by very high, angular and well-pronounced cheekbones, discreet forehead and not particularly wide jaw. The most suitable haircut for you does not exist, any look will enhance your face. Green light for short, long, shaved, geometric, asymmetrical cuts. If you have a diamond face you can experiment without risk and dare even with particularly extravagant cuts.


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