Curly hair care: shine and vitality

Curly Hair Care

Those with a head full of curls often want straight hair that is easier to tame. But it is not necessary! The proper care and the correct styling tricks will make you able to control your wild waves and turn your brittle and frizzy hair into soft, silky curls. Find out how to treat your curly hair with a few simple tricks.

The right treatment for curly hair starts already from drying. Curly hairs tend to become dry and often need treatment. The curls do not tightly surround the head as occurs with straight hair and, as a consequence, have limited contact with the conditioning sebum of the scalp. The natural circles of curly hair contribute to the creation of a less regular dandruff layer which makes them hypersensitive to harmful influences. Precisely for this reason the curly hair should be treated gently when they are still wet. Wrap them with the towel by pressing it gently so that it absorbs the water after washing without ever drying them with excessive force. A comb with wide teeth is recommended to remove the nodes of the curls. Brushing them instead, the locks would separate too much making your hair look bristly and swollen.

Air drying is ideal for curly hair care

When it comes to hair care, curls adore rich nutrition. It is virtually impossible to moisturize curly hair too much. Shampoos and rinses with natural lipids such as Shea butter, Jojoba oil or Macadamia oil, cover every single hair of a shimmering transparent film. This ensures that the structure of your hair is maintained. Styling products should also be specially designed for curly hair, leaving the elastic curls without drying or ruining the hair.

Curly hair care: tips and tricks from experts

  • ┬áThe heat will dry your curly hair further and that’s why you should let it dry itself. Or you could use the hair dryer with the speaker set at low temperature.
  • The straightening plates are a great source of stress for your hair. If you really need to use one, do it in moderation and only after using a thermo-protective care product.
  • Making a soft cut will give elasticity to your curls.
  • But remember not to cut too much the top layer of hair to avoid the dreaded ‘poodle look’
  • Do you prefer the waves of the 20s hairstyles to curls? Then spray a curling spray on the hair, comb the desired style and use the clips to fix them at the chin. Then, dry them using the diffuser and then let them cool. Finally, remove the clips and comb the hair very carefully.
  • With the right treatment for your curly hair, you can recreate the style of loose curls that is so fashionable lately: put a little foam on dry hair and roll large locks on the paper curlers. Pass them with the hair dryer for a few minutes, let it cool, then remove the paper. Use your fingers to give your hair the desired style without brushing it.
  • Do you have frizzy hair with very tight and tangled curls? With curlers you can turn into soft and flowing curls. As a basic rule, the bigger the curlers the more the curls will be soft and rich. Natural curls tend to tangle less when combed after shampooing, spray them with a little hairspray and allow them to air dry.
  • When using curlers or cartons it is advisable to roll the hair evenly and with the same tension everywhere, making sure that the ends of the locks are not bent abruptly.

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