Curly hair 2019 summer: ideas, cuts and trends

Curly hair 2019 summer

The trend of natural curly hair, disheveled, spiraled or with defined curls continues also for summer 2019 with new cuts and hairstyles.

Summer curly hair. Do you have curled hair? Follow the summer 2019 curly hair fashion, leave the plate and leave the hair free … If instead your hair is smooth and fine and you would like to have a nice fluffy head even without a permanent one, you are in the right place to choose the most suitable type of curl for you.

Those with natural curly hair can consider themselves lucky: being curly is not only a fashion, but a way of being, a real style. On the other hand, if you have smooth or wavy hair, you can always make a nice haircut with curls at the hairdresser, taking inspiration from these hairstyles.

Of course keeping a curly head is not easy: you need moisturizing products, anti frizz and lots of patience, and the price of beauty (besides the cost of the products) is the time spent on hair care.

Curly hair summer 2019 cuts and trends

The types of curly hair range from the soft to the spiral to get to the afro one so loved in the 70s, now back in fashion. With afro hair, however, one is born, just think of powerful women like Michelle Obama, or stars like singer Beyonce.

It is easier to get a hairstyle with a tight and defined curl starting from a wavy hair base, thanks to styling products in addition to the hairdresser’s ability to use the tools of the trade. The cut and above all the very particular color do their part here.

A curly and frizzy hair can be enhanced and raised without hesitation thanks to an asymmetric medium-short cut like this proposed by Fabio Salsa.

The same type of cut, working the hair with a brush and hair dryer, can turn into a deliberately messy blur, as seen in the photo.

Regardless of the length, the summer 2019 curly hair trend mainly prefers scaled cuts with or without bangs that go to frame the face. By way of example, this medium-long hair with peach-colored hair lit up here and there with splashes of intense pink: both the tone and the general concept with the drawn and fluffy locks respond to the hair trends of the moment.

This instead is a type of tight hedgehog called “a corkscrew”, on a medium-short cut scaled by a slightly vintage taste. The warm color with slightly lighter shades greatly enhances the movement of the locks.

Curled curls

More easy to obtain for those with smooth hair, the curls created in the salon are among the trendy hairstyles of the year 2019. They are worn long, short or medium with a style that deliberately looks back, but not too much: in this case the slightly disheveled effect and the strongly scaled cut do not lie about the modernity of the idea.

Always with a retro inspiration, this hairstyle with fluffy curls and irregular “diameter” was made on a medium-long blonde hair, with a side line. In fact, the blond is just perfect for mouth-watering hairstyles because it is very bright.

Short curly hair

A very fashionable short curly cut is this, which involves volume at the root at the center of the head, with short curls brought forward a little, and hair shaved at the sides. It goes very well with platinum but also with all the slightly showy and aggressive colors.

But there are also hairstyles with a more feminine and soft look, like this short hairstyle that plays on the contrast of color between the brown root and the honey-blonde tips. Here the volume and the blur are obtained with the iron and the plate, it is not easy to do it at home!

Curly hairstyles

Curly hairstyles are potentially endless in type and style: they range from the low tail with bow, to braids, to uncombed chignon like this, created by Coppola for Armani’s summer 2019 fashion collection. Here the cut is an accomplice of a really expert styling that manages to give a perfect look to a deliberately “imperfect” hairstyle.

More suitable for those who love soft curly hair and a feminine appearance this simple yet stylish hairstyle: The softly curled locks are stopped on one side with clips that do not want to hide.

These are the summer 2019 curly hair trends, of course you are free to choose between a full curly head or curled solutions only on the tips, or aim (why not?) On a curly bob.

Curly hair the best products to use

Natural curly hair is a gift of nature, but whoever was born knows how difficult it is to find the right products for your case: exhausting research in perfumery, herbal medicine and the supermarket to find the perfect curl shampoo…

The first question concerns washing: to prevent the hair from looking dull and neglected, it is necessary to choose a shampoo and conditioner for women (better if of the same brand) that promise to nourish and disentangle, but do not contain substances that “remain” on the hair (like the poor silicon-based shampoos) that give a long-term counterproductive effect.

For the fold, an anti-frizz and protective product will be useful before drying with the diffuser (upside down if you want to get more volume) but also before the plate and the iron, which are used by those who create a curl starting from smooth or light: be careful to choose the latest generation tools that do not “burn”. Eye to the foam: if it is not of quality, it can dry the hair and dull it.

Better to provide, a couple of times a month, a nutritious pack purchased ready or created at home with natural ingredients like almond or linen oil. The latter (and the products that contain it) is also very useful for the last important thing for a beautiful and healthy hedgehog: shine. An opaque crepe “kills” the best cut, while a well-made and brilliant color enlivens the hair and enhances the face.

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