Curly Hair 2019: long and short cuts, the best hairstyles

Curly Hair 2019

Do you have curly hair and do not know how to wear it, whether short or loose? Leave them natural, choose a new cut and color to follow the hair trend of the moment, which sees the return of curly hair 2019.

Curly hair: how to go in fashion in 2019, medium or short long climbs? The cuts are not lacking, but do not forget to consider the hairstyles: sometimes even enough accessories to give a whole new look to a curly head.

Choose from the best photos and ideas to bring curly hair to 20 at age 60, with the right advice for color and also to manage them to the fullest. If your curl is natural, the choice of cut can be more or less apt but you can hardly make big mistakes.

Better to pay more attention if you are thinking about the artificial hedgehog: either the fold with the iron or the plate, and the permanent do not always “take” well on very fine and straight hair or, vice versa, on a big and rebel frizz. Get advice, perhaps bringing the photos you like most in the salon below!

And for the color, remember that nothing enhances the nuances as the waves and the curls do: yes to balayage and shatush, yes to solid colors, less degraded type solutions with marked differences in tonality, which make it better on straight hair and wavy hair.

Medium curly hair

They are the easiest to manage! Among the new medium cuts we have seen beautiful curly heads with cuts that completely frame the face, taking advantage of a full bangs not stretched but that, indeed, exploits all the waves. See, for example, this cut by Paul Mitchell.

To have curls defined and voluminous like these, if nature has not given them, you can ask for a permanent (yes, is back in vogue) and help with a specific mousse, but to do a lot is this medium-long cut scaled that exploits the volume of the hair to support the superficial locks.

Here is a beautiful coppery color that lights up a curly head in this medium-short cut, to be managed with the foam and the diffuser.

A cut with the length at the shoulders or just below never goes out of fashion: even on the catwalk the medium hedgehog with the side line has shown all its dignity even for the winter season. Here the tuft is combed slightly high, but without exaggeration.

A classic and striking medium cut like this is really suitable for the color that has been chosen, with subtle lightening like sunstrokes on the dark blond strands.

The average lengths and the hairstyles (a little romantic to Judy Garland or more cheeky) at shoulder height are rather comfortable to handle at home especially for those who have some difficulty in keeping the curly hair in order. For example, our Valeria Golino has always loved her natural hedgehog, which often carries such cuts.

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Curly hair long cuts

The most innovative hair stylist long curly hair also like the natural, but it is important to manage the cut well and adjust the tips correctly to give a spontaneous but not random shape to the hair, as you see in this picture.

A great return that does not mention the setting is the frisé, which can be a frizz simply left natural or a hairstyle made in the salon, but you can still play at home using a plate and slightly cotonando lengths.

Curly hair short cuts

Short cuts for curly hair are never easy, you need to rely on an expert hairdresser with an updated vision that can indicate the most suitable to enhance you. The hairstyles and the cuts a bit “banana” return, with a trend that follows the central line of the head to shorten the sides and back. A confirmation is looking at how the team of Aldo Coppola has combed the models for the Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2019 fashion show.

As you can see on the front we have left some longer and “uncombed” locks that give a very particular result.

Even the rounded lines that distribute the curls around the entire curve of the head are a must for the 2019 hair fashion. Always the Coppola team interprets them as you see below.

See what result they give on very curly hair and wavy hair with less narrow waves (remember that if you tend to have them moved on the tips, probably shortening them will appear more curly when you wear them long).

Here is a short cut from the round line and shortened back, with a full-bodied curl and full volume and a blonde color with shades from warm to cold. It can also be an option for those with the first white hair and for those over 50 who have a thick hair and a big hair: white can be “camouflaged” in platinum.

How wonderful this medium-short cut on a soft sweet-wave hedgehog, with an equally sweet honey-like honey. This is achieved even by curling straight hair and also works for those who have a little ‘ends.


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