Curly Hair: 10 Tips to Get Them Perfect

Curly Hair

Curly hair is difficult to treat: here are 10 useful tips to always have a perfect hair!

Curly hair is the most difficult to treat, however a correct haircare routine combined with some small tricks can help make the crown magnificent.

Below, we provide you with useful tips to get perfect curly hair, always tidy, healthy and naturally beautiful. We are sure that you will be satisfied!

How to Wash Curly Hair

Curly hair should never be washed too frequently, to prevent it from damaging and lose its natural shape and elasticity: 1 or 2 accurate weekly washes are more than enough.

It is always advisable to prefer specific shampoos for curly hair, not too aggressive and preferably bio, that help to texturize the hair, making the curly soft, defined and shiny.

How to Dry Curly Hair

We must avoid subjecting the crown to direct heat. In summer for curly hair it is always better to prefer a natural drying in the open air.

In winter you can use the hair dryer, limiting the heat, keeping the device at a distance (10/20 cm) and minimizing the use of the diffuser that gives volume but tends to dry out the hair too much.

How to Comb Curly Hair

Combing curly hair is never easy. Curly hair should be combed when it is still wet and after applying a specific detangling balm. With what to comb them? You need to use a wide-toothed wooden comb.

This helps to reduce static electricity, gently remove any knots and give greater definition at the time of brushing.

To avoid absolutely the use of brushes on dry hair as the curly hair tends to lose shape and definition, thus being excessively crisp.

How to Have Defined Curly

To have defined and elastic curls it is important to dab the hair after washing, with a soft microfiber cloth: never rub because the friction tends to weaken the hair, making it inevitably crisp.

To give more definition, you can use specific styling products for curly hair such as foams, lotions or creams to be applied before proceeding with drying and crease.

How to Eliminate the Frizz effect from Curly Hair

The frizzy effect unfortunately is part of the natural characteristics of curly hair and tends to accentuate in case of humidity, making the hair unlit, stringy and neglected.

Avoiding this problem is possible, using specific anti-frizz products to be used both on dry and wet hair that help to make the hair curly soft, bright and disciplined.

An excellent solution is represented by the use of specific oils and liquid crystals applied to the tips, regulate the curls, making the hair particularly shiny and visibly healthier.

Curly Hair: How to Feed them

Curly hair needs nourishment and constant hydration to maintain its original flexibility and elasticity.

For this reason, the constant use of masks and compresses with a nourishing action based on butters and oils, helps to make the curly hair soft, voluminous and disciplined as we wish!

How to Tie Curly Hair

How to tie curly hair without risking breaking it? Sponge rubber bands should be avoided and replaced with spring ones that hold the crown without traumatizing it.

Always preferable to use hair bands, tongs or pins, which also allow us to create simple hairstyles, trendy and effective without compromising the health of our hair.

How to Make Curly Volumes Less Voluminous

Among the inconveniences related to curly hair, the unpleasant swollen effect due to the excessive volume appears.

An effective solution is to lightly dab the hair with a little water before applying styling products that help in volume control by increasing the definition of the hedgehog.

How to Smooth Curly Hair without Ruining it

The use of straighteners and straightening brushes is always deleterious for the hair: the excessive heat characterizes thermal stress that in the long run inevitably damages the hair.

We advise you to reduce its use to the bare minimum, preferring a classic fold with a low temperature hairdryer. The hair will thank you!

How to Cut Curly Hair

Given that it is always advisable to rely on the expert hands of our hairdresser of trust avoiding the do-it-yourself, it is important to know that the curly hair should always be cut from dry, never wet.

This is to prevent the hair from taking on an unattractive pyramid shape. It is necessary to check the curls individually, limiting themselves to the tips, after having simply twisted them to the fingers.

We hope that our advice on curly hair and how to handle it will help you. And you have curly hair? How are you used to treat them? Do you have a specific and habitual haircare routine? Tell us about your experiences.

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