Cowash: the super gentle method to wash your hair

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For sports or smog issues it can happen that you have to wash your hair daily, weakening it. To prevent it from happening there are two washing techniques: cowash and gelwash. Here’s what they consist of.

There are many people who, for various reasons, need to wash their hair very often: pollution, smog and dust are likely to settle on the hair making them dirty and dull, often forcing the hair to wash even every day.

Add to this the need to have to wash your hair because you have been in the pool or in the gym or you have practiced sport and therefore to eliminate the sweat residues from the scalp.
Each wash, however, done delicately and with the right products, stresses the scalp and exposes it to irritation and desquamation because it deprives it of the natural hydrolipic film, while the hair is likely to appear dry and brittle, weakened by numerous washes.

When this happens, the hair tends to break and the split ends are more easily formed: in order to avoid reaching that point and therefore to limit the negative effects of the normal shampoo, there is a new super delicate washing technique called cowash.
Cowash is literally for “conditioner only wash” which means “washing with conditioning only” or only with the conditioner.
In particular in the cowash technique dry hair is washed exclusively with sugar and balsam, using products therefore almost free of surfactants, responsible instead of dry and brittle hair.

Gelwash: what it consists of and the advantages

In the same vein of the cowash, therefore the shampoo-free washing using super delicate products, there is also another technique called gelwash.
Gelwash, unlike cowash, is a technique to wash hair without the use of even more delicate shampoo and recommended especially for those with problems of oily skin.
In fact gelwash the main ingredient is aloe vera gel, with strong moisturizing and soothing properties, able to nourish the hair and make it soft and shiny.

As an alternative to aloe gel, in gelwash you can also use flax seed gel or starch gel or cornstarch, extremely delicate.

Cowash and Gelwash: how to put them into practice

Both cowash and gelwash are therefore two extremely delicate methods to wash the hair, perfect not only for those who need to wash them often, even every day – as it can happen for example in the summer – but also recommended for those with fragile hair that he would like to reinforce.

In practice, however, how do you wash your hair with the cowash and gelwash technique? In the cowash mix a cup of balsam with a sugar to form a mixture that will be put on damp hair and kept in place for 5 minutes before rinsing.
In gelwash instead the gel chosen for washing will be added to a spoonful of honey and a half of sugar. Also here you need to keep the natural shampoo in place for about 10 minutes before rinsing off with plenty of water.


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