14 Looks of braids with woven ribbons to test the trend ‘corset braids’

Corset Braids

The braids are a hairstyle that will never go out of style, but even so we must look for new techniques to make them look a little different, or, that adapt to the situation or event in which they will look. Now the trend that is taking over the braids is to add a ribbon, and have been named as: corset braids.

Although we had seen them at Fashion Week in Vancouver during the Lesley Hampton show a few months ago, Lady Gaga had them back when she chose them as her hairstyle during the 2018 Grammy Awards. The corsets braids have a normal weave, but what makes them unique is that they have linked slats that give them the effect of a corset.

Meet the corsets braids

A braid style that designer Lesley Hampton showed during Vancouver Fashion Week

And that Lady Gaga was responsible for making popular

This type of braids is to add a ribbon as decoration

Some people can do them without using a ribbon

And there are also those who decide to add rings to decorate them

The corset braids do not have to always be done with the boxer braids

Can be worn with a bubble braid fabric

With a ribbon in black they look fantastic

With a pigtail they are perfect

They are the perfect hairstyle to wear a relaxed look

You can even use them during a formal event

You can weave them with a small chain and add a charm, to give them more enhancement

Are you ready to try it with a high bun?

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