Here is the complete haircare to have bright and healthy hair even at home

Here is the complete haircare to have bright and healthy hair even at home

Don’t you ever have time to take care of your hair? Use this period at home to dedicate yourself to a complete haircare. Let’s see the steps…

Normally, taken as we are from the streetcar tram of everyday life, we never really take care of our hair. Many times we do a shampoo and a blow-dry on the fly and if we can leave the wet hair in place with the conditioner five minutes is already a lot. So why not take advantage of this period of forced quarantine in which we spend a lot of time at home doing nothing, to dedicate ourselves to a complete haircare? Well yes, like the skin on the face, hair also needs a total regeneration, especially after plates and iron that we often abuse. We also suggested how to straighten your hair without the straightener.

Here is the complete haircare for healthy and shiny hair

The pre-shampoo treatments are very effective: they leave on for a long time, they are intensive and they go to nourish the hair in depth. There are many and for all needs, from soothing to soothing to anti-dandruff but also for extremely dry, treated or colored hair. Usually they are applied to dry or slightly damp hair and are left on even overnight before shampooing. In addition to those available on the market, they can also be easily created at home. An example? The compress with olive oil and honey. A product that is mentioned very little but it is important is the scrub for the scalp which, just like with the skin on the face, allows you to eliminate dead skin and stimulate cell renewal. It is applied once a week to the skin, massaging it, then washing.

The choice of shampoo is essential: in fact, delicate and non-aggressive products are needed, which do not pinch the scalp but which, at the same time, are effective in removing any type of dirt. As for the conditioner, if you have performed a very rich pre-shampoo treatment and have left it on for a long time or if you plan to apply a mask, use a light one, just to detangle the hair. A more nutritious one should be used if instead it is the only product you will use to hydrate the hair.

After dabbing your hair and removing excess water, it’s time to apply the styling products. Nourishing and softening oils for dry and dry hair, serums to hydrate them, mousse for curly ones. Before making the fold, as a last step, however, also remember the thermal protector to protect the hair from the heat of the hairdryer, the diffuser or the plate.


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