15 Ideas to add colored wicks to your look

Colored wicks

15 Ideas to add colored wicks to your look

Do you want to close the year with a change of look? Then the colored wicks are your best option, as they require low maintenance, give light to your face and reflect a fun and relaxed attitude.

If you like this idea, check out these 15 color designs to renew your style and be the glamor queen at the end of the year.

As blond as you decide

For a romantic style

Boom baby! Color instantly

From the comics your mane with the style of Storm

A small but significant connection with nature

Because one tone is never enough …

For an eternal autumn

Sensuality, glamor and passion in your hair

I think I’ve seen a pretty mermaid!

Litmus effect in 3 … 2 … 1 …

Who said unicorns don’t exist?

Barbie will envy your new look

A style for each personality

The perfect balance between gray and blue

Discreet, cute and colorful


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