+80 Collected bridal hairstyles 2019: trends and photos

Collected bridal hairstyles

One of the most elegant bridal hairstyles for which we can bet is without doubt the ones collected, since they are a feminine, stylized and versatile option; especially flattering to accompany the wedding dress. That is why we wanted to present you the styles that will be most popular in the 2019 season.

The collected occupy an important place in what is fashion, being a trend in each of its wide variety of styles, being able to choose this season for simple and classic bows up for proposals of French inspiration for a sexier look, as well as for versatile braided gathered, being these one of the most elegant versions.

Pick up dancer

Girls who have opted for strong fringes, can benefit from classic ballerina bows, with a high dose of elegance and style. You can complement it with a braid, as we see in the image. Keep in mind that braids are very fashionable.

No bangs is also an option to consider.


Whether it is a high back or in the back of the neck, this type of hairstyles is undoubtedly one of the most timeless, and reinvents itself season after season, to give us a versatile and very fresh look. The new versions try to favor all the different styles of feminine beauty, emphasizing the capture of the essence and elegance of each woman.

Also part of this wonderful gallery of images, a variant of the Twist French hairstyle is a swirl of hair that has a glamorous appearance.


You can also benefit from a very elegant retro collection that returns to the fashion podium. You can wear the wavy hair arranged to one side and picked up very discreetly.

The hairstyle picked is a classic at weddings, and if you add an accessory, a simple hairstyle can look very sophisticated.

If you would like to look flawless, those with straight hair, where every hair is in place, are also trends this year. You can play a lot this season with the texture of the hair, which is ideal to create both looks of impeccable appearance, as relaxed appearance, being any of the two important fashion trends.

Low bows

This type of styling has the advantage that you can choose a tiara, a hairpins, a bow, a flower and a world of possibilities to look magnificent. In these suggestions, from a beautiful detail like a flower to a crystal brooch can make a low, a very elegant hairstyle.

Collected high

And for brides who want to show off their neck and cleavage, a high hairstyle can be a great choice.

It is a classic hairstyle that has always stood firm among the most chosen for its elegance and because there are usually variants between it, so that it can be simple or quite the opposite, very elaborate.

Simple collected

Informal collected

Informal hairstyles are also exquisite, and they lend themselves well to wearing a tiara or other hair accessory. They are specially chosen for civil weddings.

Picked up with waves

They are ideal for very elegant and very formal weddings. When choosing one of these beautiful hairstyles we must bear in mind that it gives prominence to the face, so we must take time to also choose a flattering and modern makeup, without falling into extravagances or excesses.

With veil

Another of the classic styles that will never die, is to wear the veil fastened to the collected.

Beautiful styles like the low chignon, can support a delicate veil.

With tiara

Each and every one of these hairstyles adapt beautifully to the coquettishness of adding a tiara, a headdress, an elegant accessory that makes them even more elegant, if possible, than they already see. Any bride will look wonderful with these hairstyles and we do not doubt that each and every one will captivate everyone’s taste.

With headdress

It is not an imperative to wear the bridal hairstyle with a detail or accessory, if you want maximum naturalness you can wear a beautiful hair collected with nothing but the beauty of the hairstyle. But do not forget that the special details, like a beautiful headdress, can look fabulous.



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