Collected and semi-collected hairstyles for girls: step by step and photos

Collected and semi-collected for girls hairstyles

From the ideas of collected and semi-collected hairstyes for girls that we will show you below, you can make your own creations. Hairstyles have no mystery, anyone can do them, so be encouraged to do them. It is 100% sure that you will achieve a fabulous hairstyle.

Bow with side braid

We show you how to make this beautiful hairstyle that may be appropriate for communion or a ceremony. We will show you two examples.

  • Make a small side braid.
  • Collect the hair in two pigtails at the neck and braid them.
  • Pass each braid around the base of the opposite, to form a bun and fasten with hairpins.

In the following example, two small braids on the top of the head were first drawn and crossed.

The bun is made in the same way as the previous example.

Dancing bun

  • Collect the hair in a very tall ponytail.
  • Roll the hair of the ponytail into the base. Pass the ponytail through the jelly twice, to start forming the bun. This is important because it will make the hair stay together and moldable.
  • Form the bun to personal taste, always fixing it with hairpins or hair clips.
  • We can complement this hairstyle with accessories such as small flowers.

Easy collected waterfall style

Do you want to know how to do this hairstyle? We show you below. You will see that it is very simple and quick to do.

  • Separate the hair into three sections and fasten it with hair gummies.
  • Roll each of the pigtails and fasten them on the base with forks.
  • Decorate with a brooch or any other complement.

In this other example we see above, instead of forming three pigtails, three braids are formed. They are rolled up in a bun, and fastened with hairpins.

Easy semi-picks with gummies

Here we have two very easy variants of semi-picks made with gummies.

Dutch braids with ribbon

Inverted collections


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