Chignon with Braid: How to do it, tutorials and useful tips

Chignon with braid

The braided chignon is a hairstyle suitable for special occasions but also to show off in everyday life. Making it is not difficult but it is essential to know the techniques to create the braids

The hairstyles you can make on long or short hair are numerous and different. On the choice influences the personality of the woman as well as the type of event for which this is studied and implemented. The braided bun, for example, can be an idea to create a romantic wedding hairstyle for the bride.

This hairstyle, elegant and versatile, reminiscent of times gone by, is back in fashion while maintaining its appeal. In addition to special occasions, the hairstyle with braid and chignon can also be chosen for everyday activities.

Making it home alone is not difficult. To obtain a good result it is however important to know how to make the different types of braids. Once you have the desired weave on your hair, creating a bun will be a breeze.

Here’s how to make it right and some useful tips to customize it according to the occasion.

The braided chignon is ideal for the bride’s hairstyles


To make the braided bun it is necessary to have hair that reaches at least the shoulder. The medium-long and long length, in fact, allows you to roll the hair into the chignon in a simpler way. This hairstyle can be done in various ways depending on the type of braid. Whether created on a herringbone base, with a cascade braid, or lateral, the result will always be very sophisticated. For the most extroverted and very long-haired women, the same chignon can be made by wrapping also the afro-style braids.

In order to get a chignon based on a braid, elegant and well done, you have to get some accessories. In addition to comb and brush, hairpins and elastics will be essential. To complete and fix the hairstyle also remember to get a hair fixative, hairspray or spray.


Before making the braided bun you have to prepare your hair for combing. For this reason, after washing your hair, comb it carefully to remove any knots. At this point, it’s time to create the braid based on the idea you have in mind.

The hairstyle can be done in different ways depending on the type of braid that you choose to make.

It can also be done by collecting African arrows


To create a braided high bun, pick up the hair to form a ponytail. Use a rubber band to lock it. It’s time to divide the tail into 3 strands and form the braid. Create your bun by rolling the hair and block the weave with hairpins. To facilitate the creation of the hairstyle, you can also insert your ponytail into a bun for bun and wrap your braid on it. When you are satisfied with the result, spray the hair fixer. It is advisable to choose a long-lasting one.


Another solution is to create the hairstyle starting from a French or herringbone braid. In this case, the bun will be made using the final part of the braid or side braids. The particularity of this braid is that while it is created it adheres to the skin. For this reason, in order to make this chignon it will be necessary to use the length of the hair.


The solutions just suggested can also be incorporated into one. You can also get a beautiful chignon with braid and herringbone.

To achieve it, after washing your hair and untangling the knots, put your head down. Create a herringbone braid starting from the nape and climbing upwards. Once you have reached the desired height for the bun, fasten the part of the tail with a rubber band. At this point, insert a donut for bun inside the tail and wrap the hair around it. Secure with hairpins and then spray a hair fixer.

You can customize it with accessories and jewelry on your hair


If you are not practical in making the braids ask for help from a friend.

To make the hairstyle more sophisticated and personalized, you can also embellish it with accessories and jewelry for hair.

A romantic idea, suitable for special occasions, such as weddings and ceremonies, is to combine the chignon made with flowers and ribbons that match the chosen outfi.

To complete the look, choose a simple but effective make-up that highlights your face and hairstyle.

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