Chic and casual: these are the semi-accepted hairstyles

Chic and casual: these are the semi-accepted hairstyles

The semi-accepted hairstyles allow us to be tidy and chic even on the most casual occasions. Here are some ideas to make them happen

The semi-accepted hairstyles are certainly the most appreciated by women, both for important occasions, such as marriage, and for every day, when you want to be comfortable, without however giving up aesthetics. Although sometimes it may seem to be complicated hairstyles, in reality, with a little practice you can get excellent results in a short time. With the hairpins, some elastic and perhaps some decorative accessories, the results can be nothing short of amazing and lasting.

On some occasions, especially the formal ones, the loose hair looks too “shabby”. In the same way, however, it is known that the hair always gives a precious feminine touch. A just middle way is constituted by the hairstyles collected only partially. The great advantage of this type of styling is that they lend themselves to a wide range of lengths. Guides and tutorials for semi-accepted medium hair, in fact, alternate with those for short or long hair: the possibilities are really endless. What is needed to achieve them is essentially one thing: the patience to learn.

Hair in order and fashionable: styles for every taste

When it comes to hairstyles with semi-curly hair, it actually refers to a multitude of creative possibilities: from the most formal and tidy styles, to the more romantic and country-style or to the medieval taste. Obviously, the longer the hair is long, the more hairstyles that can be achieved. As said, however, it is not said that those who have short hair can not make short hairstyles with short hair, just create games of strategic intertwining.

For the romantic and country spirits, the most suitable types of hairstyles are the country chic that all point to an apparent spontaneity. Looking at them they seem an almost magical realization, like those of fantasy films, even if in reality it is obviously a structured stage and thought out in every detail. For these hairstyles are preferred soft hair, perhaps with a few bows and in general body and volume for a hair in motion, country and romantic.

For those who want a more neat and good-looking hair look, semi-coats are instead made with straight hair, to create real works of art worthy of an empress. The softness in this case leave space for neat hair like perfectly defined French paintings and braids. The movement in this case is given by the shades of color.

Some examples of semi-accepted hairstyles

The long hairstyles for long hair are practically all those that can be seen and done, whether the hair is curly, or smooth. Of course there is more length, more will have voluminous hairstyles, but usually it is not a problem, on the contrary.

For medium and short cuts, the trick is to twist a small part of the hair on the back of the neck, leaving the bulkest part loose, curling or combing it in the most appropriate way. It is important that this second part is very full-bodied.

The most fashionable semi-collections are the half-tail of the 60s or the half-tail gathered, which leave the remaining hair on the shoulders or falling sideways for a retro charm. For a cooler air it is otherwise possible to make a hairstyle with the hair of the nape leaving loose all the side parts, perhaps giving it movement with an iron.


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